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The NOT mini-rage/thank you thread (motorcycle related)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by SevenSins, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. Yes it can happen, and even more shockingly it can happen in Canberra!
    For some reason I enjoy reading the mini rage thread, maybe for the same reason I enjoy reading the riot act and the comments on the Canberra Times and other style newspapers... they make me laugh, very entertaining.

    Now the near misses don't make me laugh of course, but I love a good rage, makes me feel alive..

    Anyway, I couldn't find an un-rage thread (probably cause I didn't look cause I have a migraine and couldn't be bothered, and I rarely start a new thread anyway)so thought I would start this one.

    Recently on my daily commute Qbn to ACT city there is one particular intersection that can be a little tricky. Cars merging all over the place and you have to cross the path of traffic heading straight to get into left turning lane..

    Anyway I either speed up to get in front, or hang back depends on the flow...a couple times just this week I have had cagers LET ME IN! so I can zip out in front and continue on my merry way.

    They have been given a thank you wave as well.
    Maybe they see me do ahundred head checks, maybe they see my super bright LED indicators, maybe they see my fluffy fur lined hooded bike jacket, who the hell knows, all I say is thankyou certain Canberra drivers...thank YOU... :angel:
  2. Re: The NOT mini-rage/thank you thread

    Do we need a gratitude thread? I'm feeling better already.
  3. Re: The NOT mini-rage/thank you thread

    Make sure it is motorcyle related folks.
  4. Re: The NOT mini-rage/thank you thread

    This thread is doomed.
    Just like the Laro ,<<<motorcycle referrence
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  5. First time splitting the other day, and the amount of cagers who moved over to let me pass was great! Nods all round
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  6. Thank you whoever decided that bikes at work were allowed to park in the secure basement and not on the street with the plebs!
  7. My Queen's Birthday ride was a total disaster. Plan was for me and my 2 brothers to go for a big long ride but it all went pear-shaped. One brother's striple wouldn't start, other brother picked up 2 punctures around whittlesea. 2. In a tyre < 3,000kms old.

    But a HUGE thank you to the 2 cruiser guys who came over and used their own puncture repair kit to plug the puncture, AND to the ex-rider who brought his ute over with a compressor to pump the tyre up again when the cylinder didn't do its thing properly.

    Riders are an awesome lot. I love yuz all!
  8. I thank The Universe for providing us with time and space, the condition of motion, so that I can roll on my stead.

    I thank my bar-end mirror for reflecting light, so that I have a mirror available when I need to see my reflection and say, "I love you".

    I thank the cow for giving up its body to me, so that I can strip down to my jocks and wrap myself in its skin.
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  9. I've been driving a large 4WD for work for a month, and being conscious of it's width I've been making sure there's room on one side for you lot to filter through.
    You're welcome!
  10. Drivers letting in bikes in Canberra, sheer fantasy
  11. thank you NiteKreeper, your consideration is most appreciated.

    I'd like to send out a big thank you to all those drivers who actually know how to drive.
  12. you're an urban 4 wdriver.... ?? I expected more NK hahaha [-(
  13. Like I said: it's for work, and not by choice.
    But it also involves me starting from home and working from the cockpit, so I never have to go into the office.
    And given it's got big corporate stickers down the side, I'm also a model of considerate driving and strict obeyance of the speed limits, when I'm in it - I haven't punched another motorist for weeks now!
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  14. haha yeah I never thought I'd want to high five every driver i see indicate before they change lanes!!!
  15. It's just what I'm talking about: a full 3 secs before I move, then move decisively before cancelling.
    Also, cancel if you change your mind...

    It's actually not rocket science!
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  16. I've often thought about giving bad drivers a high five, in the face, with a brick.
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  17. thank you cagers for not killing me today.
    much appreciated.
  18. I'd like to thank the driver behind the day-dreaming grandpa who started to merge into me. It's great to have a car horn in addition to my bike horn. Thank you for seeing me and what happened.
  19. They probably had NSW plates from Queanbeyan

    I just bully my way through - even more so on the supermoto now
  20. Thanks to the several drivers who pulled over on the spurs today to let us pass. You were being thoughtful, and I thank you.