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the noobiest of noob questions

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Lobsta, Jul 26, 2008.

  1. ok,

    lets assume for a second here that I am a pharmacy student, and have absolutely NO idea, AT ALL, how a motorcycle engine works. AT ALL. Fuel in , noise out as far as i am concerned at this point... How do i bore out my existing engine to make my displacement bigger and change my gear ratios to make my bike accelerate faster? :LOL: :LOL: kidding there, *puts on flame suit*

    my real question is, what is a good resource (online preferably, but i might be willing to part with a few shillings if it is really good), that goes through, in easy to understand words, how a bike works? the end to this means is that eventually i want to perform basic wrench work on my bike that i will eventually own. I dont know what bike i will own, what stroke it will be or whatever, so a guide that starts off generic and gets more specific would be tops. I dont mind if it is intricate, i am fine with a bit of extended study into it, i just wana know how, what, where and why about how a generic bike runs.

    Thanks fellas

  2. Great Resource!
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  4. How on earth did you work that out? ;-) You're spot on!

    Read up and then put the simple things into practice, like oil changes and chain lube and adjustment, unless you have a shaft drive bike, of course.

    Ask questions in here before you start, to help keep the used oil off your carpet, and so on.


    Trevor G
  5. Get get this book: http://www.101sportbikeprojects.com/

    It starts with basic maintenance and goes up from there. :)

    +1 on the dans mc too... oh and I think JD had a thread of good online resources somewhere around here...
  6. lol i just lol'ed at the word pharmacy

    1st year at UQ?
    U'r gonna be braindead in Year 2 :p
  7. Pity you ain't in Melb, that's exactly what we're trying to do with spanner nights. Maybe some of the Brisneyland crew can get something going?
  8. wasn't dirtyTRX (andrew) doing a couple up there :?
  9. Ah yes. Drop him a PM, great bloke, he'll help you out.
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  11. Heaps of resources already to get a general idea.

    From there you also need a workshop manual for your particular bike, and hopefully find a very specific online community for your bike also to get a heads up on any particular weaknesses/tricks/fixes that aren't general knowledge.

    If you can follow a recipe without setting the kitchen on fire, you can do just about anything on your bike with a bit of research and common sense.
  12. second year, QUT... WERE SPESHUL!!