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The Noob Is here so help required!!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Death_logic, Dec 29, 2005.

  1. Hi everyone!My name is Alexei!I've been reading this forum for a few weeks now and i am about to get my bike license in 2 weeks time.Yet i havent decided what bike i want as my problem is to find the bike to fit my height im almost 6'7''.Any suggestions??? :)

  2. 6'7"... wow :shock:

    if you're after a 250, i think you have a few options (and guys correct me if i'm wrong):

    1. trailbike
    2. trailbike
    3. trailbike
    4. a cruiser maybe
    5. did i mention trailbike?
  3. I dont really like trail bikes, but a cruiser sounds good.However i like sport ones.If Cruiser which ones sre good????
  4. Welcome Alexei, to the friendly forum! You've already been browsing so you know what's here. Enjoy the information and try and avoid the conflagrations, they won't help you at all!

    OK, since you're in NSW you can get a LAMS bike, so a 600 ish is an option. Check out the situation with the RTA and then have a yarn with your local bike dealers and try out a coupld of bikes for size :)lol:)
  5. I had a look at Hyosung bikes and tried sitting on the Yamaha Cruiser I love the feeling but i was told by 1 of the sales dudes that if i wanna learn how to ride i need to get the Sports bike.
  6. Hysoung Aquillia

    they are big enough and powerfull enough to pull your body weight .
    dont worry about looking at the rest.

    unless you use lams and go a 600
  7. What a load of buffalo chips! He's obviously on a bonus to sell them this month!

    You can learn on anything; there's heaps of people here who had or have 250 crusiers as their learner bike and/or their first bike.

    But if you buy something like the Hyosung Comet you can keep it after your restrictions are up.
  8. go to another store , that blokes a fcukwit and should be treated like one by not giving them your money.
  9. Ahahahaha You really don like those sales people...
  10. Sales people are just that "sales people"

    If you want an unbiased answer don't ask a salesperson, simple but true.

    btw I am a salesperson :grin: ..... wanna buy a house !!
  11. it's not the weight that's the issue methinks - it's more trying to fold his 6'7" around the bike :evil:
  12. they will take a 6 ft + bloke easy .

    death logic , they sell for a living and a lot forget there responsabilitys and morals while trying to earn a $$$ ( some)
    I dont tolerate idiots to well and that comment came from a idiot for sure.
  13. Complete load of horse shit.
  14. You can grab an LAMS yamaharley vstar 650, nice and large for your stature, believe me, a 250 virago would be too small.
  15. you realise that some salespeople don't even RIDE bikes?
  16. I don't know about needing a sports bike to learn on... But the 250 cruisers get pretty old pretty fast, and they certainly don't let you corner like a naked or sporty.

    Depends on what sort of rider you're going to be really, and how you're going to ride, and it's difficult to know that until you've got some experience behind you.
  17. pffft.... cruisers are for cruiser riders. the salesman was right, if you wanna ride a BIKE, get a sportsbike :cool: but if your happy to muddle along on an armchair with wheels, i guess a cruiser could be the go...

    :p :p :p :p

    seriously, what kinda riding are you looking at doing?
    highway riding - tourer/sports tourer
    twisty carving - sports/naked sports
    commuting - basic economy bike
    chugg chugging - cruiser
    bit of offroad - dualsport/dirt squirter

    plenty of options there. garaunteed that a dualsport or dirty would fit you, but might not be what you're after. sports tourers tend to be a bit bigger and a lot more comfy than sportsbikes, as do the naked sportsbikes.

    personally, in your situation (NSW - LAMS & your height) with my personal preferances, i'd go a larger naked sports, the hyosung gt650 looks like bloody good value and it can be had restricted for lams. OR a nice newish 4 stroke larger bore dirtbike turned motard, that'd be wicked fun IMO.
  18. Hey, you leave our armchairs alone mate! :LOL:
  19. Dont get a 250 cruiser, too underpowered.
    You can get some good 600cc cruisers under the NSW LAMs scheme.

    Cruiser vs Sports is your decision. They do suit different styles, you wont be able to do sports style riding on a cruiser, if that is your thing.

    What do you want out of motorcycling?
    If you want to zoom around with sports bikes than dont get a cruiser.
    If you just want to cruise the open road....

    You will probably have better leg room on a naked than faired bike as the fairings hit your knees.

    Check the LAMS list

    You can find pics of most bikes here, check out the different 600s on the list
  20. god damn, i wish some one told me that few months back.