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the "nod" to other riders..........

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by sydneybiker, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. just curious as to who you nod to when out on the roads and you pass another bike?

    as a sports rider i nod to all other sports bikes and get a response 99% of the time. i also nod to scooters ( a lot in eastern sydney ) and generally get a response 60% of the time and also nod to cruisers, ie harley's etc and only get a response 10% of the time...

    is there a bit of cruisers vs sports bikes out there? ie they dont nod and say gday to each other?

    what are your thoughts on this phenomenon?
  2. Nod to everyone, regardless of what they're riding....

    Didn't Mum teach you to be polite??? :p

    There's plenty that don't nod back tho, primarily Hardleys I've found.
  3. Nod to everyone, regardless of what they're riding....

    Didn't Mum teach you to be polite??? :p

    There's plenty that don't nod back tho, primarily Hardleys I've found.
  4. I nod to all and sundry - and get about 70% of people nod back (though half the time on the Freeway I miss their nods!). Doesn't hurt to nod to all....
  5. I nodded to a police officer on a bike yesterday and got a nod back. First time ever happened, though not the first time I nodded to mr plod.

    I nod to all bike riders if I see them unless they have a large bushy beard and are on a harley, and most scooter riders. I get about the same response rate as you.

    There is a small group of riders who I pass every morning on my way to work who never nod despite my best efforts. though at 6:30 am they may not be awake yet.

    I also wave to cars that have been nice to me (i.e. ones that have made space for me to merge, or ones that move over to the side of a lane to make way for a bike). I figure drivers like this either need encouragement to keep doing this or they may be riders themselves.
  6. I reckon freeways don't count (in the opposite direction). There's usually too much else you should be watchin...
  7. I always nod.

    I had a break from bikes for about 5 years (93-98) and I have noticed a significant drop off in the return nod. from 85% to 60%

    I never get one from harley riders. They either hate other riders for riding anything else or they think it is uncool
  8. I am a bit like MartyH I will either try to nod or wave at every rider I pass. Even if cornering or anything. I am not worried if I do not get one in return.
  9. I nod to everyone... harleys/sportsbikes/scooters/cruisers/plods and usually get a nod back. The only ones I don't nod to and have no time for are the squids you see down along beach rd.
  10. I try to nod at everybody. And when I've stopped at traffic lights, sometimes I nod twice cause they haven't seen the first one :LOL:

    A lot of cruisers don't nod back, but I don't give hoot. If they want to be aloof and look like they're separate from the biker community, that's their perogative not mine.
  11. I pretty well much always acknowlege other riders.. but have found that cruiser guys/squid wont nod back..

    Have to remember NOT to nod when I am walking down the road and see a bike.. although I usually get a nod back! :roll: Dont know if its cos they think I am mad female or not! :D
  12. I nod to all, but don't get many back. I always thought it was cos I was on my L's though....
  13. I nod pretty much to everybody... bikers... mr plod... kids by the side of the street... bicyclists... cute girls... friendly cars... but if they stop just behind me at lights, I'm at a loss. Do you turn around and look like a monkey waving at the bike behind you? Or do you play aloof and save your dignity and possibly the cost of a dropped bike? I do say hey and chat to people if they pull up next to me at lights, though. Just adds a warm fuzzy glow to the whole riding experience for me.
  14. I'll nod or wave to any and all i pass, and dont care about a return wave etc Bc im usually way past em b4 they can even think "sugar" i think that was a VTR !!

    BUT there is a zx12 i pass everyday at almost the same spot, weve gone past the nod or wave ...... were starting to pass coffees to each other

    :LOL: :p :LOL:
  15. In that situation I nod through the reflection of my mirrors - most riders behind me have nodded back in that situation if they see me. Probably helps if you have a clear visor or put your visor up so the person can see you looking at them through your mirror.
  16. I'm a waver myself.

    I'll wave to anyone on any motorised two wheeled transport really. I guess I'm a wave slut. :)
  17. There seems to be a general feeling that cruiser riders don't nod. I ride a cruiser and i look like one of those freakin' noddy dogs when I go for a ride :p . Hmm, maybe it's more the older generation of cruiser riders.

    I agree with the squid thing though. I once pulled up along side one at some lights. I said hi and tried to start a convo, the guy totally ignored me. He was on a VRod however.
  18. Can someone please help out a newbie - what do you mean by 'squid'?

  19. Usually someone in shorts, thongs, t-shirt..on a bike :shock: