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The Nod & Other Gestures

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Floyd Lover, Jan 22, 2011.

  1. Now before y'all starting filling the airways with the obvious gestures that are the same the world over no matter what from of transport you have I'm interested in the motor bike specific. One I've picked up on is the "tap of the helmet" to signify the presence of our friendly boys in blue ahead. What are the others that are commonly used.

  2. if you leave your indicator on after a turn you may be met with someone clenching their fist and then extending their fingers, to... well signify 'flashing'
  3. Alright,

    First up, search because this has been done to death.

    Second, pointing your index finger up to the sky and twirling it in circles is another way of signalling the presence of certain vehicles we do not like.

    Third, leaning off your bike to your left (not the right) is a way to indicate that your crashing.
  4. First Up I did search for "gestures".
    Second the 5 pages that came back didn't have gestures in the thread title.
    Third I apologise if it pissed you off but I don't have the time to search every post written which is why when the I didn't get anything specifclly relating to that topic in the search I did I started a new thread.
  5. Floyd, don't bother with what the bloke above had to say... Valid thread from a new member on here, look forward to some constructive replies.
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  7. Hey, I didn't mean to offend, and it didn't bother me one bit, I was just saying to search because it will save you and others a lot of time.

    And I like to think my second point (and maybe my third) was constructive.
  8. If you see a bike with a dildo attached to the rear seat, it means the riders is a bear.

    If someone gives you the finger, it's probably an OMC member, just wave politely back & carry on.

    Oh, & there are some actuall gestures that might help you out, ie left foot out generally means slow down, if a rider in front of you waves their right leg it means go past, either leg pointed out means a hazard on the road (leg points at hazard)

    There are also certain expectations of you: if you pull up next to a GSXR rider at the lights you'll be expected to pull a wheelie, (or at least drag race) & if the rider is a squid you'll need to do a standup wheelie.

    If you pull up next to a scooter rider, you will be expected to kick their scooter over, unless it's a hot chick, in which case you should try & get her number.

    That's about it really.
  9. LOL @ MV..funny stuff mate (y)
  10. Usually that is called " the wife's retention device".

    Almost like having a seatbelt on the bike for her....
  11. Did you also search for "nod" as your title states.

    Seriously, if you don't have the time to search, don't expect others to reply, to a topic that most have seen more times that can be remembered.

    If you put "nodding" in a search, there is at least 200 threads on such, of which , if you look at the thread titles, you would quickly find what your looking for....
  12. or searching for "hand signals" "bike signals" "nodding" "bike specific signals" or similar is also useful.

    also, what MV said. LOVE IT!
  13. Ah yes, I forgot about that.

    Also, if the dildo is on a Ducati it is a boyfriend retention device.
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    Well, here's most of the signals you may encounter or issue out... [URL="]<clicky>[/URL]

    And yes, it has been posted on Netrider before.
  15. this made me ****ing LOL
  16. Just as an idea, what about stickying 1 and only 1 nodding thread so that all the nodding stuff gets kept there rather than the standard weekly thread? Ok, bit annoying having it there, but surely less so than it being recreated every other week?

    Given this one incorporates other gestures too - would be ideal in the new rider section where some don't know what they are.
  17. ... I use this gesture quite a bit!.... it's VERY flexible and can be used in the car or on the bike...


    ... right at this moment, it's aimed at grange!!....:cheeky:
  18. ...or they could find out how most other people do - through real life experience. Remember that?

    Anyway most stuff is self explanatory. Nod for recognition, wave forwards or leg waving to pass, whirling or flashing lights for the fuzz, etc etc.

    'Cept maybe when the odd car driver nods or waves. Usually means that they're normally a rider, and are just enjoying the drive.

    Cheers - boingk
  19. Yeah that's good too but having a shortcut doesn't hurt - depending on the nature of the gesture of course.

    I'd be more interested in having a thread that actually helped to develop some new signs...call me a shit rider but I'd love to have one that says "I see you want to get past, I'll make way as soon as I can" or when you pass a rider heading in the direction you have just came "take another route, you are approaching a hazard/major traffic/a bunch of drunk carnts staggering all over the road" etc.
  20. Speaking of which, i entered a small round about and a bike rider had to give way as i turned right, i looked at him smiled and nodded, lol, just out of habit towards another bike rider, whilst in my car, thought WTF? lol wonder if he thought WTF too?