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The Nightmare Before Christmas (movie)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by es, Feb 4, 2006.

  1. Tim Burtons film....

    I watched it last night; after some freaky weird dreams I now understand why emos like it so much - they watch it when they are high!

    I loved the movie, anyone else seen it? what did you think?

    (its from 1992)
  2. yeah i love it - I can't believe you only saw this for the first time recently!!
  3. Its been on my to do list for awhile, but after watching corpse bride, I qued it up (after forgetting about it for 2 months)
  4. WTF are emos? :? Did you mean emus or am I way off track?
  5. oic, so an emo is a punk musician who gives blowjobs to homeless dudes. :wink: Gotcha.
  6. Yeah damn good movie. I just love all the songs!
  7. I've been wanting to see this too, i might hire it tomorrow night.

    Is this a prequel to corpse bride or is it just the same type of movie?
  8. just same type of movie :)
    more songs than corpse bride though.

    I would chuck it on DVD for you and bring to coffee tomorrow but still havent got round to getting DVD burner!
    might be able to fit onto cd?