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The night ride

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by DZOG21, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. it hooked me, i had a bad week...
    so i got this idea id grab some pot again like the other night.

    got around to it n left. I can tell how many people read the news the way its supposed to be read and drivin all cautios because the thought of death almost int5antanientlhy went in their head for a bit u no.. cant blame em being typical cagers n all.

    But I went to the pub, looked around for somebody who shined, as i get in there theres these two oldish looking blokes, one with what looked to be a bottle scar on the side of his face and the other lookn fishy.

    I walked past n i heard
    THATS HIM but normaly

    So i looked andx didnt remember em I said somthin cant remember and in the end he mistook me foir somebody else from the kitchin.
    I know the person hes talkin asbout so i told him I think i know who your talking about, but i dont know him personally,.

    To cut the fuking bullshit, (im stoned now :) ) i asked em and he rand around but he left the table ewhen he rand around . but he saw my bike gloves and the newspaper was on the table.. i duno but i left.

    Then I get back, back of my brains is hoping everything cool cos i parked it undercover cos of the damn rain which the only free place was the front of a car with my helmet in the bushes for jeleously can lead to tragedy feel me.

    I hit the road jack n noticed that the traffic wasnt going normal.
    not real rain car driving u no I couldnt make it if some were trying to fuk up my ride.
    Got to the mates place i was at beforehand and somebodys home..
    Get off and find some cute little chick some to the door, i asked her to let me in eventualuy she did, but was funny too. but not only that its cos he got done over she said when i asked her to get me some for me, i then wanted his number so she just let med insidd...she wouldnt get off the phone to some questioning party on the other end and i ended up smking a cone there. Then i thought fuc it cos she waas trippin on somthin unknown to me. wierd i aint fabio but cmon i got a bike.. But anyway I just set off back home id had my smoke, i got on the road and too many things happened for me to recall to put here. but this is momentarily sydney but no doubt I had this one mother fcuker who could have easily speed up a bit andgoes slow for the fcuk of it,,m knowing im drenching the ***&*& i over took him and he didnt ram me. Then to the next light its pouring and some slick poof in a blue or silva car
    does a shumakker with hardly enough room left for me and the cruiser to make a safe turn, I slowed down cool though thanks to my baby i wana kiss her come to think of it i forgot today but next round about trhe prick had slammed on the breaks,, I was on the street fcukin billboard sign of slippry shit too nearly but it loicked for a tiny bit but was cool thank god too muther fcukers... more too i cant think back fuk it.;;.. be careful
  2. On an incoherency scale of one to ten that rates an eleven :shock:.
  3. regret

    you might sooo regret this post in the morning.
    Then again, not knowing you, maybe you won't (but should)
  4. Re: regret

    yeh take it as a heads up buddy
  5. My god you must've been stoned when you wrote that, eh?

    If you ride after smoking half the cones you'd had when you typed that, the stack should be no surprise. :wink: Glad there's no physical damage to you that you're aware of. :)
  6. :LOL: Ktulu...

    hmm...I've never been stoned... perhaps I should be glad of that. :wink: :p
  7. sound like my conscience and im confident with myself and my baby.
    Valentino rossi drives stoned sometimes.

    i dont touch nothin else though.. anybody who does really dont give a fuk abnout themself
  8. I concur :shock:
  9. "Last edited by DZOG21 on Tue Jun 19, 2007 10:31 pm; edited 1 time in total"

    Man, good job you edited that post, DZOG...

    It's crystal now...

  10. il just let u yap off like the thing u r
  11. Bring on the Random Drug Testing please!
  12. "il just let u yap off like the thing u r"


    I liked it better when he just fed me the bong-water...
  13. I still cant work out if he stacked or not?
  14. nah im alright thanks

    when was the last time youve stacked it by the way?
  15. I dropped my bike about 9 months ago i think. Wouldnt call it a stack. Haven stacked as such yet. (knock on wood)
  16. keep it that way hey
  17. Can only try.
  18. :wink:
  19. As a teacher (tech studies) if I got handed this post as a essay, firstly you would have failed (spelling, grammer etc) and secondly it would have made it on our board in the teacher prep room as this weeks most biggest piece of dribble.
    Well done!
    It says alot about good old woopy weed.