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The next chapter begins

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gegvasco, Sep 23, 2006.

  1. For those in SYD who were on the Nasho ride, here is why I missed today. I WAS BIKE SHOPPING - YEH! :dance:

    <------See the change to my profile :grin: (pics on the way)

    First of all, I got my revenge(well a pathetic revenge but it was worth it) on Action Motorcycles in the city. I couldn't get a test ride from where I wanted to buy it(no demos) but there was a 2 year old one at Action. Led them along and wasted an hour of their time and did a test ride making them think I'm keen on their bike. If they come a calling to see if I'm still interested they won't be getting any return calls. The ride sold me so straight from there to the shop I wanted to buy from. I know - jack act but those f^&*ing a'holes deserve it! :eek:wned:

    Went to Sydney City Motorcycles at Kogarah and it went a little like this:
    [-o< That the bike is still on the floor
    :grin: Yes it is
    =P~ over it for a while
    :-k Final decision
    \:D/ Yep, "Oi - over here. I want to buy a bike"
    :blah: about the bike
    :blackeye: over price
    :smileysex: drummed the price down and got some bits thrown in
    :deal: sign a contract
    :grin: all done
    :biker: in a couple of days once the bike is prepped

    Much better than if I had bought at Action:
    :-w :-k :-w :?: :? :blackeye: :---) :evil: ](*,) :tantrum: :furious:

    Am getting the full pannier set and will hopefully have it ready to go and post-first service for the three points ride.