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The next chapter begins - new bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by gegvasco, Sep 23, 2006.

  1. For those in SYD who were on the Nasho ride, here is why I missed today. I WAS BIKE SHOPPING - YEH! :dance:

    <------See the change to my profile :grin: (pics on the way)

    First of all, I got my revenge(well a pathetic revenge but it was worth it) on Action Motorcycles in the city. I couldn't get a test ride from where I wanted to buy it(no demos) but there was a 2 year old one at Action. Led them along and wasted an hour of their time and did a test ride making them think I'm keen on their bike. If they come a calling to see if I'm still interested they won't be getting any return calls. The ride sold me so straight from there to the shop I wanted to buy from. I know - jack act but those f^&*ing a'holes deserve it! :eek:wned:(I consider us even now so will remove the abuse from my sig)

    Went to Sydney City Motorcycles at Kogarah and it went a little like this:
    [-o< That the bike is still on the floor
    :grin: Yes it is
    =P~ over it for a while
    :-k Final decision
    \:D/ Yep, "Oi - over here. I want to buy a bike"
    :blah: about the bike
    :blackeye: over price
    :smileysex: drummed the price down and got some bits thrown in
    :deal: sign a contract
    :grin: all done
    :biker: in a couple of days once the bike is prepped

    Much better than if I had bought at Action:
    :-w :-k :-w :?: :? :blackeye: :---) :evil: ](*,) :tantrum: :furious:

    Am getting the full pannier set and will hopefully have it ready to go and post-first service for the three points ride. Lot's of touring to be done in the near future.

    Here's the official Suzuki pic
  2. Grats. Hope you like it. I can't believe you tested it at one shop and brought it at another shop that didnt even serve you when you walked in. I find it a little amusing. :LOL:
  3. Sydney City at Kogarah have been great. Great service section, great parts section, great bike section. When I first walked in, they left me alone for about 5 minutes to have a look around and then came over. When I walked in today, they were mobbed and every salesperson was with a customer. Only hassle was not having a demo but that ain't uncommon. Compared to Action...rrgghhh, don't get me started. They were still a clusterf^&% today when I was trying to get the test ride.
  4. Hey that's great news, Greg, Marty will be delighted to have another V-Strom owner to congratulate on your mutual good taste.

    Gotta promise you won't out-run me on the Three Points Rode, though :wink:
  5. Nice. Keep us updated with lots of pics from exotic, scenic locations eh? :)
  6. Congrat's on the new bike!
  7. congrats dood.

    New bike time is ace :)
  8. Good onya Greg, nice to see you got the bike you wanted, have fun :grin:
  9. No fear there. Will still be getting to know the bike. Should have about 2000k's on it by then. Despite our discussions about not rushing into it at The Ranch, I thought the Three Points ride would be a great opportunity to get to know it given the distance/roads.
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  11. Thanks. Good to hear about another satisfied owner. I found nothing but happy owners and goor reviews on the net. Almost hero worship websites about the strom as well.

    Thanks for the link as well, have updated my link.
  12. Congrats gegvasco, very nice. Be interested to hear what they are like, any chance of a review after you been riding a while? Do you plan on doing much dirt road riding?
  13. Nice bike. Look after it and it will look after you.
  14. Well done, nice bike. Enjoy it.
  15. Congrats on the new bike :applause:
  16. Only to the point of doing established unsealed roads. I don't have any intention of really going offroad on it. One of the big reasons for getting it was to remove the limit I have with the CBR of coming upon a dirt road and either having to turn around or continue on doing 10kph. The reviews pretty much confirmed this as did a lot of talk on the strom forums. Not really a chook chaser but gets you from A to B on established dirt roads which is exactly what I was looking for.

    Will add a review to the review section once I have had the bike a while, in fact probably after the 3-points ride on the 20 Oct.