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The next big f*ckoff monster attacks new york movie

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Loz, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. god i hope its not a Cthulhu movie, hollywood will just f$%k it up again.

    the only decent Cthulhu movie ever made is the HPLHS call of cthulhu (which is a 45 min fan movie.)

    they just dont understand the lovecraft world in tinsle town
  2. Awesome special effects...
  3. hope they can do a cthulu movie right

    it needs more gothic horror though whcih hollywood never do - they always go for special effects
  4. sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet :grin:
  5. by the way, my guess is another godzilla movie
  6. I heard it might be a new Godzilla flick - whether there is anything truth to that remains to be seen.
  7. There was a rumour going around the local film industry some years ago that the next Godzilla movie would involve several of Godzilla's offspring and that they'd trash Sydney and Tokyo as well as San Francisco (not NY).

    Tokyo for sentimental reasons :LOL: and Sydney because some of the filming would be in Australia and like San Francisco it's got a harbour and a bridge to play with. No one's heard anything for a while though - I called my contact who's worked on several US films and he said nothing happened about it. He'll see what he can find out about this one though.
  8. oooo, seeing Sydney trashed would be great! :p
  9. There was a nice shot of a trashed Sydney at the end of Independence Day. :LOL:

    Actually that could be a (very remote) possibility too - there was talk about a sequel there at some stage . Different studio I think though.
  10. Your Wish...

  11. Geez, people are getting slack - film references and nobody picked I was wrong! Roland Emmerich directed both films (Independence Day being the first before Godzilla. :LOL: )