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VIC The New TAC ad is not targeted at Riders

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by RuKu, Apr 26, 2012.

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  1. The ad is targeted at potential new riders, as well as their families and partners. The TAC wants to shock people away from riding.

    The ad is designed to scare with a 'normal' situation and so keep people from taking up riding at all. It explains the lack of consultation with the VMC - the focus group is mums and dads, not the motorcyclists. It explains the explicit focus on the rider's neck breaking - the whole thing would be a freak accident, but Mum and Dad are now certain that is going to happen to their son or daughter. It also explains the media release, which focused on the bottom line:

    I'm a new rider, so this is the first time I've paid attention to a TAC campaign. I have watched the new ad a few times, and I don't understand it from a rider's perspective. Why the focus on the minimal speeding? When I ride, it is just so easy for me to accidentally speed 10km/h and I just release the throttle and the speed quickly goes down again. That's just because a bike is so lightweight. The primary causes of the accident seemed to be:

    1. The driver not seeing the rider and pulling out. (driver training!)
    2. The rider not being able to brake correctly. (rider training!)

    I don't approve of the ad, but at least it makes sense from the above point of view. It would be easy enough for them to focus on rider safety (show a rider wrapped around a tree after going too fast on the twisties) or driver awareness (show a rider being thrown off a bike into oncoming traffic after being sideswiped by an unaware motorist).

    This ad, however, might even be a success as a scare tactic to put people off motorcycling.

  2. Are you talking about this one?
    Fvcking waste of time. Speed is the only thing that kills amirite?
  3. Yes, I didn't know how to link youtube. I've put it in the main post. Thanks.
  4. Theres already a pretty in-depth thread on this in the same section, you should probably post there this will probably get locked or deleted
  5. Is it any wonder the TAC can do as it wants when motorcyclists are too fucking lazy to even do a simple SEARCH
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Thread Status:
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