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the New RRPA Riding School Oran Park Mon 20 Oct 08

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by R-K-O, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. Im thinking to attend this new Riding School run by Alex Gobert at Oran Park Circuit on Monday 20 Oct 2008.
    There's a review of this new course in current AMCN mags.
    This is their last NSW course for NSW in 2008 before they travel to VIC(Winton & Broadford) in Nov & Dec.


    Anyone else going?
    There are 3 levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.

    Things they teach on each group:
    (I copy & pasted from their site)

    Preparation - How to prepare for each track day or race day
    Corner Entry - Select your line and take the correct approach to the turn
    Mid-Corner - Learn to carry your speed and flow through the turn
    Corner Exit - Set up for a fast exit and stay on the correct line
    Braking - Brake smoother, later and with more control
    Shifting - Get crucial gear-shifts correct in to turns and on acceleration
    Throttle Control - How much and when to apply gas
    Body Position - Learn the correct body position for your riding style
    Visual Awareness - One of the most important aspects of riding is where to look
    Relaxation - Make the most of your riding by breathing and relaxing on the bike
    Health - We touch on the basics of how healthy living can improve your riding
    Safety - Safe riding is good riding. Safe riding is promoted on the track and street

    All participants at RRPA events will receive five riding and five theory sessions each, with sessions separated into groups of Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced skill levels. Riders will receive promotional prize packs on arrival, with an RRPA cap, pen, notepad, participation certificate and RRPA school information booklet included. Prizes will be awarded to selected riders who standout throughout the day - for development rate, safety and for concentration levels throughout the program. Gatorade, water and snacks are also included in the fee

    $325 + $20 MA Licence for the day.

    *Mods Im not sure whether to post this here(cos its a ride school) or under Trackday Events or under Event/Ride Planner.
  2. Just saw this one... I'm definately going! :LOL: Entries are coming along very quickly for this one now.

  3. :grin: Working on doing this course at Broadford in December :LOL: