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The new ride

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by South_Oz, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Hey there, well, the scooter's gone (she served me well) and I picked up my "new" ride today. 1989 Virago. Runs extremely well and is a hoot. Here's a pic.
    Got a little bit more grunt than the scooter..... :wink:

  2. nice lookin bike mate
  3. looks bloody tops for how many years she has been around..!
    well done..and welcome to cruisin. (which i am also new to)
    do you know anything about her background?
  4. Not a great deal. I figured, at her age, she's done everything, good and bad, at least once. It looks good, it goes good. You can't expect a whole lot more from a 19 year old bike.
  5. Nice !
    Congrats on dumping the scooter .. :bolt:
  6. Nice clean looking bike mate
  7. Nice bike :)

    My neighbour has one similair to this,,, we have been out riding a few times... LOL it was my fault he bought it,,, as I nagged him to buy it off his father so I had someone to ride with LOL

    I think his is a 2000 model and black and red..

    Anyway his goes great so I bet you will be very happy with it

  8. Its blindingly shiny :D
  9. Looks in real good condition.
    Does it have the original bars, they look a bit more swept back than the originals which would make it a more comfortable ride.
  10. I'd like to be riding a 19 year old :bolt:
  11. Happy to just kick the starter over for you!
  12. Nice and shiny for it's age! It must've been a much loved bike in it's former home/s.

    Safe riding!
  13. Nice bike mate. At least you've bought it at the begining of the riding season ;)
  14. March? The beginning? But hey, thanx anyway. :grin: