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The new NOS Thread?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dimi, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. HAHAHA nice.
  2. Ahh how I adore fail.
  3. someone's just opened up a whole new world of awesome
  4. Bahhaha funny shit,

    Whats this nos thread am i missing something?
  5. The NOS thread was some guy who, while filling up at a servo decided to empty 2 cans of liquid NOS into his fuel tank only for the engine to die just down the road.

    After posting pictures of what these cans looked like it was determined that they were infact NOS energy drink, and not a fuel octane enchancement.

    [edit]: what goz said :p

    There was much contraversy to whether or not it was true, much like this one
    but either way,

    epic troll was epic (y)

  6. I laughed hard at that hahaha.
  7. Do these threads say something about the intelligence of gixxer riders? Or perhaps just their sense of humour.
  8. more like the lack of intelligence instilled in american youth
  9. no no i definitely think this is a suzuki ownership thing...
  10. What about Kawasaki's Sherman? I think its just Americans...