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The new look environmentally friendly postie!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by TonyE, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. Horrible... :p


    RESIDENTS may no longer be alerted to mail deliveries by the sound of a postie's motorbike.

    Australia Post is testing an environmentally friendlier mode of transport it also hopes will attract a new breed of postie.

    Australia Post spokesman Alex Twomey said the new electric bicycles and tricycles are quicker than walking, make less noise than motorcycles and are virtually pollution-free.

    "We have no intention to replace all our motorcycles but rising fuel costs and a need for cleaner forms of transport mean trialling these electric bikes makes perfect sense," he said.

    The bikes have pedals, but are propelled by a rechargeable electric motor.

  2. ... or couldn't pass their test!
  3. LOL ^ ^

    In my area there used to be an (aus post) postie that road australia post issue pushy. I heard that he lost his license for DUI but he was allowed the option to ride the pushy. Once he went over the handlebars out the front of my house :LOL: I'd see him at the shops drinking out of a paper bag at lunch, I think he used to be on the sauce 24/7
  4. Because power stations don't produce pollution.

    I'm willing to bet the ct110 puts less pollution into the atmosphere than that trike does.

    Having all posties on motorbikes is only a recent thing. Maybe they should go back to pushies on routes closer to the post office.
  5. Use of the Hondas is not that recent.

    30+ years ago when I had a holiday job delivering telegrams (remember them :grin: ) on a CT90, quite a lot of the posties also used CT90's for their deliveries. It was about 60/40 bicycle /CT90.
  6. Yep. I did write "Having all posties on motorbikes . . . . "
  7. rising fuel costs? your kidding right? they use 2/10th of fcuk all fuel

    enviromently friendly? FFS

    I long for the good old days where Climate Change was for the Left wing hippies and the general population knew it was all bullshit

    im sorry if i offended any eco warriors i just hate all this Enviro bullshit
  8. OT memories.... Had a summer job at the Ballarat Post Office when I was young. One of the pick-up van drivers used to have a slab sitting on the floor next to him at the start of every day. Never finished with a full one still there. His empties went into the bin in the yard and nobody gave a toss.
    Those were the days...

  9. Bloke I know had a kingswood sedan as his first car, the floor in the back was always full to seat height with empties, :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :eek: :roll: those were definately the days, when your only real concern was if you did stack was it true that the smashed stubby between your legs would take your balls off!
  10. +1. I mean carbon pollution is a gowing problem, but FFS posties? Jesus. Oh, and 2/10ths of fcuk all is actually half a poofteenth. Look it up. :grin:
  11. FFS why can't they just plant a shit load of trees and get over it.
  12. Its about time they replaced those old posties, and I'm sure an electric bike will save a lot of juice. Post delivering is mainly stop-start which is great with electric engines. And less polution in my neighbourhood is always good.
  13. The pollution excuse is ridiculous. Electricity plants would produce far more greenhouse gases than a small motorbike.

    Running costs is a far more logical excuse. Multiplying the cost of probably around 5 or 6 posties at least at each post office, multiplied by the thousands of post offices australia wide, and running them 5 days a week... They could stand to save alot of money, but not the environment.
  14. The sound of a postie on the motorbike is the best way to hear the mail come in, in my opinion. But still, I like the idea, perfect use for the electric bike.
  15. :rofl:

    A mate just quit his 80k a year job last month to become a postie because "they ride little motorbikes all day and you always see a postman smiling - they never look unhappy"
  16. My neighbor rides a Postie and a Busa.
    Once he told me a story about how someone cut him off, he didn't give the guy a chance to say sorry he just broke his nose and rode off (i'm sure he learnt his lesson though).

    I would assume also with the pollution thing that some power tools would no longer be needed to service the postie's or used less often but recharging the electric bikes dead batteries would offset the power consumption to be how it was before but minus the emissions from thousands of posties

    I don't know for sure but there are other factors then just a postie burning fuel and a power company making electricity.
  17. you are joking aren't you? power stations are built to do 1 thing, produce power on a mass scale so they quite efficient per kw than a petrol engine is, furthermore the electric motor on the trike is tiny given that it even requires pedal power to supplement it's meager power output
  18. as just stated, power stations & electricity grids are carbon efficient per kw compared to individual internal combustion. Not as efficient as they no doubt will be in a few years, but nonetheless.

    Groups such as Australia post have been given proven cost effective solutions to greatly reduce cost and environmental impact. They choose to ignore such advice untill they are forced to act, by rising costs, or legislation.
  19. Not joking. The total cycle efficiency of most Australian power stations is somewhere in the mid-30% region.

    by the time you get that to the wheels of en electric powered vehicle that's closer to 25%.

    That's no better than an efficient Otto cycle engine.

    And that's not even getting into a debate about the nature of coal pollutants vs petrol pollutants.

    And yes I agree with the point about the pedals ( I had noted them when I made the comment) I was just pointing out that the "virtually pollution free" comment was bullshit. The total pollution savings over a ct110 is going to be minuscule.

    If they were serious they would be getting posties back on pushies.
  20. Is it just me, or are posties starting to get bigger? I remeber as a young fella, posties were quite thin. Many posties in my area have a decent size beer gut. So, maybe Australia post can argue there is a health benefit which would improve the economic benefit. That is, posties get fitter thus take less sickies. Wow, I should be a policy maker 8-[