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The new Kawasaki Green

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by mUnky, Mar 24, 2015.

  1. Hey hey!

    A bit of an unusual first post, but here it goes:

    My girlfriend and I are getting into motorcycling and we're looking for a bike to suit her (no bike for me yet). There's one slight problem though; she wants it to be green. Kawasaki neon green. As in, NOT the new metallic lime green. Now I'm a very conscientious buyer and generally wouldn't buy something based on it's looks but in this case... I kinda agree. I actually really love the old Kawasaki Green. We've decided that we'd like the Ninja 300, preferably with ABS (this decision, the Ninja 300 w/ ABS, was based on a huge amount of research and chats with bikers from all backgrounds - I'd prefer the 650RL but I think she'd be safer on a 300).

    My question is, when did Kawasaki stop painting their bikes that fantastic :) D) neon green? Can I get a Ninja 300 ABS in neon green? Why am I buying a bike based on it's colour?!

    As a second question: Where can I get the most outrageous, colourful riding outfits possible? I want to burn my girlfriend's image (obvious jokes aside ~_~) into the retinas of every passing motorist so that they can't possibly avoid seeing her. That said, we'd rather not have to wear turtle suits every time we do a 10 minute ride.



    PS. just to reiterate; even if the she wasn't dead-keen on neon green, we'd still be looking primarily at a Ninja 300 - because it seems like a solid all-rounder learning bike. Second to that is the 650RL because of it's impressive ride quality, decent resale value and the fact that it can be a sorta-tourer and a sorta-sportsbike at the same time. She had a look at some Hondas but didn't like any of them (despite the CB300 being rather similar to the Ninja 300).
  2. Oh boy, you have opened a can of worms regarding visibilty.
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  3. Mate, as a learner she'll have wear fluoro vest for a year or 3 won't she...?
  4. In SA we need only the yellow L plate. We both have full driver's licenses too. For us it's just L-plate -> R-DATE for one year -> full R
  5. Only for victoria AFAIK. But the argument can be made that giving the riding the sense they are invisible is safer.
  6. Oh yeah absolutely you'd still want to ride like you're invisible. But that doesn't mean you can't also be strikingly visible at the same time :p
  7. But the fact is you aren't. If a person does not look, it doesn't matter what you wear. Being covered in xmas lights will simply leave you that much more surprised when hitting the side of their car.
  8. Hello Munky, How about this as an option. ;)

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  9. Think Bike be giving them legislators ideas, but even if we had neon signs as big as a bus following us around, some cagers would still manage to SMIDSY us.
  10. Sadly that is true, I have seen a car driver smidsy a tram so visibility is not the issue perception is.
  11. How is it that our government is so far behind this? I think that's a great ad. Humanizing the problem works I reckon.
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  12. I think you're barking up the wrong tree in SA with the visibility talk. In my experience hazards on our roads are not difficult to see and avoid. I'm given to understand that in rural areas like The Hills(where speed is higher and space smaller) solid black may even be better. Some advice regarding bike choices, buy more power than you think you'll want/need it won't take a year to start wanting more, especially depending on who you ride with.
  13. I guess the problem was I'd used the word visibility. As people have mentioned, drivers will never see every other vehicle - particularly pushbikes and motorbikes. You cannot control whether the other person (driver) sees you or not. Your riding should reflect that. With that in mind - are there no particularly colourful riding gear manufacturers out there? We aren't interested in black riding gear.

    I don't think solid black is the only answer for the hills - I think it's just that solid anything will be far more visible than patterned or broken colours against the hills backdrop.

    I'm still undecided with respect to the power level; If I want speed I've got a silly car for that already. I don't think my girlfriend will get bored with a 300 in a year. Besides high-speed stability (like, highway riding) and extra power, do the larger CC LAMs bikes really offer that much extra over the 300? Also what do people think of the LAMS Triumph street triple?
  14. I wouldn't call hi-viz colourful but thanks for playing :p
  15. Yeah I'll be waiting awhile... heh ~_~

    Well it's a nice start at least :p I've gotta rewrite my post tho, I really botched the visibility bit and it's giving people the wrong idea about what appears to be a touchy topic :p (with good reason, depending on your viewpoint!)

    I'm keen for crazy mens gear too by the way, I don't mind looking crazy. I've been into road cycling for some time now and the cyclists have tons of amazing kit to choose from (I don't mean the branded team kits - I mean silly rainbow designs and shit). I'd hoped to find some similar design for motorbikes too.
  16. ZX3 is a great bike and don't suffer from any reliability issues. 660 Street triple is a great bike but the cost can be a drawback. To ride doesn't feel much different from a 675 with lots of bottom end. Pulls great monos (so I've heard :sneaky:)
  17. Yeah I've heard that the whole learner bike lineup (anything from the 250's/300's right up to the legal 600+'s) is really solid at the moment... the Duke people love their Dukes, the ninja owners are happy... everyone is happy. I guess there are no lemons. I guess that's a good thing... just not for making a decision. So many good options : o

    Man... with my OP I'd inadvertently stepped into the raging cauldron that is the ATGATT/ATGANFI/squid debate. The internet is filled with selfless people who will try very hard to protect you from yourself, arguing to wit's end against flawed ideas.

    Anyway, I continue the hopeless search for colourful but protective riding gear. My girlfriend is happy enough with boring colours but I'm still searching for my rainbow outfit. If I can find one in lycra for cycling, surely I can find one for biking too? Maybe not.

    I had also never considered, until now, the fact that riding down hills at 60-80 km/hr on my pushbike with a foam helmet (expensive, but still foam) and lycra is probably a touch more dangerous than even the crappiest of budget biking gear.

    And finally; the Kawasaki dealers in my area have no clue what happened to Kawasaki green. Some say it's still around (I think they may be colourblind). Another says that some special edition bikes get special matte/candy/metallic finishes depending on the year and model (seems to be true). They insist that the base green is still the same green (or near enough). It's certainly true that the zx-10r is the old green, if you're looking at the 2014 model.

    At the moment it's looking like the 650RL is likely but the plain old Ninja 300 is closely following. I might also take ownership of a friend's '92 CB750... what's the general opinion of those beasts?
  18. [​IMG] [​IMG]
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