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The new Honda 750 Cruiser

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by earth69, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. I took one of these for a test ride the other day......I can't remember if it was the VN or a VT :(

    I was very impressed by it's power and especially it's handeling, it just wanted to hug the road and also wanted to go faster and faster.

    I asked about the price and the salesman quoted between 10 and 12 grand on road.

    Has any one else tried one out??
  2. If it was the VT 750, they haven't changed that much since "98 I think.

    The later ones are shaft drive and have a "squarer"tank.

    I ride a '99 vt 750 and love the cruise feeling (even though I commute each day)

    They are not speed machines but can sit comfortably at 120k/h happily all day.They love about 80k/h.

    Plenty of blng available (see my girl in the garage!) and I wouldn't swap for quids.

    Apart from the sports bike fraternity, I have not heard a bad word about them. I met a guy with a '98 model yesterday and he has put over 120,000k's on his commuting, from Woolongong to Sydney each day and the only thing a mechanic has ever done to his is to renew his clutch (he had re-jetted and got his to "breathe" to get more power which can ultimately lead to upgrading the clutch anyway)

    I think if I was to do a serious tour, I would think about changing the sprockets for some top end speed and instal a sheild. Apart from that, I am more than happy with her.

  3. I sat on one at the Melbourne Bike expo last October ... Does that count.!
  4. they are very nice looking bikes, built well too
  5. You should be able to pick one up brand new for around 10k ride away.. I did read up on them a while back, but never ridden one. Are they still carby or fuel injected now ?? One thing i seem to always find is people comment on them being under powered ?? I am wrapped with the C50 and thats only 50cc more, so i cant see there would be much difference.
    Honda always make a great bike so you cant wrong with the brand.
  6. Thanks every one for that.
    I do believe that I may have to ring the shop today for another ride and then do some serious talking with the man behind the counter....as well as my lady :grin:

    Ride safe
  8. There are no limits here; all cruisers are capable of ‘cruising’ as cruising is about how much FUN hefty torque & low RPM rumble is, riding without all the safety wear crap, and riding with like minded people, all i might add at legal speeds. Big grins all around, that’s what cruising is, not big risks or big penis competitions, but offcourse if you own a crotch rocket you cant really grasp that cruising concept, anything under 1000km/h around hairpin bends just wont melt your chocolate.
  9. I tried out a Ducati as well, nearly snapped my neck trying to see forward, so that cemented the decision, I'm off to see the guy on Friday to talk turkey...err bike :LOL: