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the new guy

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by EffZedArgh, Mar 3, 2005.

  1. hey, Ben here. thought id say hi
    im from tassie and have a 1992 FZR250RR and LOVE it - until i get off my ls and ps and get a gsxr600 or r6 or somethin. id show you all a photo of my bike if i knew how or could be stuffed.
    im always up for a ride, so if theres anyone here in tas wantin a ride, gimme a hoy.

    anyways - Hi.

  2. Fsck off dickhead, go blow a goat.

    (So you know, he's my brother.)

  3. and so you know, lloyd is still alive cos its illegal for me to shoot him......

  4. Damn Ben, you have some fine roads to travel on.

    Welcome, despite being related to Lloyd.
  5. You know where Dad's rifle is. And your little Yahoo chat emoticons don't work here.
  6. Welcome effy,
    do you two brothers share the same body???? :)
  7. I was thinking the same thing, joined at the ????
  8. No, we are not connected.
    He moved outta home. I'm smart, I'm saving money, I'm at home.
    His car is still here though, in bits, in the shed. :D
  9. don't talk about their Mum like that. ;)
  10. hello EffZedArgh, brother of Lloyd.
    I think you'll fit in well here :shock:

    But I doubt you two are helping with the north islanders impressions of taswegians :?

  11. They're jealous.

    Of what, I don't know, but they ARE jealous.

    BTW, 'Mum' and 'Tasmania' jokes were funny in about 1950.
  12. Woot! More Taswegians :D .

    Hey lads!

    If all these urbanite northerners knew the quality roads on the Ilse they'd immigrate. :p :D
  13. Why not.. I did :p :p

  14. So thats why you're here deyago!? :LOL: :p
  15. Trust us. It's not through lack of trying on our part to throw him back, but the bugger just keeps crossing the tasman and slipping back in.
  16. Doe this mean we require the services of Amanda Vanstones' Gestapo for an illegal immigrant? :D :D :D :D
  17. We're picking up the Tassie riders rapidly at the moment. We'll have to send an official delegation over there sometime.

    Welcome aBoard, and don't forget to join us all for rides, etc if you ever cross the great divide.
  18. welcome mate
  19. I'll volunteer to be a Netrider delegate sent on an all-expenses paid Tasmanian trip with my bike! :D

    Welcome to the forums. A bit of family feud is always fun to watch :LOL: except when it's your family :(
  20. My Visa is valid so :p ! I came to make the big-city bucks and send the cash home to my apple-farmer family :LOL: