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The new guy!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by PlayerOne, Feb 23, 2005.

  1. hey yall, just wanted to say hi to everyone here.

    Been checking out these forumns for a while, but this is my first post!

    my name is Alex, live up in syd and ride a cbr250rr! (finally going for my P's on saturday!) :D
    (i notice there's alot of peeps in melbourne, but if there's anyone up north sydney way, up for a ride let me know!)

    looking forward to joining the "madness"..... :D
  2. Hi Alex, welcome to the forums mate.

    :D :D
  3. Hello, welcome and enjoy!

    Leanne :)
  4. G'day Alex! Welcome aboard!!

    :D :D :D
  5. Welcome Alex :) There's a few more Sydney siders here than you probably think. Many of them just lurk around and read for a while also :)

    Feel free to post your own ride to the events forum and also to teh events calendar. You will probably get a few and start to grow it from there :)
  6. Welcome Alex and good luck on Saturday!!! :D
  7. welcome dude and good luck on saturday with your p's i'm sure you'll breeze through it
  8. thanks guys!!

    i was going to do the test on my CBR but my cousin said the cones test and u-turn might be hassle.....i could hire one of their bikes for $120/day.. whaddya guys think?? (BTW im in NSW) :shock:
  9. Hello and welcome :D

    Stay safe and have fun

    Lisa :twisted:
  10. i reckon your better off sticking with your ride than hiring one. i made that mistake and spent all moring getting used to a cb250 with 25,000k's on the clock as opposed to the across with 12,000k's. the cb250 was a very tired old beast.
  11. I had a babyblade when I went for my P's, I was told to show them the figure 8's and U-turns. They had to move the "witches hats" further out for me because the babyblade had a larger turning circle than the CB250's.
  12. Vic wrote:
    Dont they have one set test, regardless of the bike u've got???
  13. the test is the same no mater what you're on.

    some places don't let you use your own bike, some do. Ring and ask first
  14. hi mate,keep us informed bout how u go saturday ud
  15. G'day Alex.

    I used one of HART's CB250s for my test rather than my bike. I figured the CB would be a bit more manouverable at low speed.

    It didn't take me long to get used to the CB, which had 57k on the clock. Not 57,000km but 57km!

    Anyhow - good luck with your P's.
  16. thanks guys, ive booked to hire one of their bikes (i think they're CB250's or Daelim something or rather....)

    I'm not too worried about the test, but just heard the forcast and they're expecting storms on saturday!! that'll make for an intersting P's test!!
    (never ridden in the rain before!) :shock:

    Cant wait to get off my L's!!!
  17. Hi Alex and welcome. :)

    Good luck for your P's this Saturday and safe riding.
  18. AAARRRGGGH!! You heathen!!! You traitor!!!! hope you burnt your pants befrore getting back on the Across :shock:

    I've read on other posts/forums that people have been warned not to use the Across in a test as it's too hard to do the u turn (5.5 mtrs in Tas I'm told, 6 metres in other states)

    But I can't see that, sure a CB250 etc would turn tighter, but any bike should be capable of doing a u turn in a normal street with a cark parked in the gutter, that's basically what they're simulating.

    A cop friend was showing me the slow riding ropes on his tired old yammie XS650 (I think), he was going around and around in very small circles, I'm guessing 3.5 metres, no problems at all, if that heap could do it, the Across can.

    I can do right turns in less than 5.5 easy as pee, slalom real easy, but for some reason, I stuff up the left hand u turns :?

    Ah-well... one and a bit weeks to go before the test, heaps of time to practise.

  19. The real reason? I figured I might as well use their petrol rather than mine!

    Oh, and of course I was concerned the Across's fuel range mightn't see me through the day's training!!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Anyway, here in Vic you don't have to do a U-turn as part of your test.
  20. Ooo you cheap bugger... hold on, didn't the bike hire cost more?

    No U-turn!! Jeez what a bludge!!