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The new guy

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by sebapl10, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,
    im going for my learner permit next sunday, really excited and worried at the same time (dont know why). Because of work and other commitments i can only opt for the half day learner permit course. I have never ridden a road bike but have ridden a lot of dirtbikes on and off the road. Just wondering if im making a mistake here of not having any experience and going for the l's half day course and not the 2 day. Are there any tips on how i can prepare myself of the test? Also will be looking to get my first bike with a budget of 3000-4000 for preferabily a 250 ninja or cbrr.
    Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.

  2. Welcome to NR!

    It should be fairly straight forward for you since you have experience with off road. Not sure which state you're from, but if you're in Vic, the test is pretty simple. Couple of turns, emergency stop, slow straight line maneuver and stop-in-a-box tests. If you have read the road rules book, then theoretical should be a breeze.

    I had never ridden a motorcycle prior to my learners test and I did the one day test. Passed without issues :).

    Just remember, look where you want to go!

    Good luck.
  3. im from victoria and will be doing the test through riderbros at calder park. Thanks for the info mate. will be looking forward to the day i can go for my first time group NR ride.
  4. Welcome :)

    I would imagine you won't have any trouble if you've ridden dirt bikes. Are they going to give you any training at all, or are you just doing the test straight up?

    Just hone up on the theory questions too.

    Plus don't forget to head on down to the Saturday Learner practice (with or without a bike). Get to meet a stack of great people, plus have a look at some nice bikes.

    Good luck with your test, and be sure to tell us how you went.
  5. its a half day course so i take it theres is some sort of practice/information session. Unfortunately i work on saturdays till 12 and have a soccer match that finishes at 5pm. I will be on the look out on the forums and looing for a date that would ssuit me to come down and check it out. Im booked in for the 7th october :) :) :) :) :) . now just gotta knuckle down and find a great bike in my budget.
  6. Welcome mate! You'll do fine in the test, had a few people who'd never ridden anything at all and they passed. It seems the over-confident people were the ones having trouble. Just take everything in and don't push yourself too hard.

    As for bikes I got my ninja for 3.5 and absolutely loving it (y)

    Good luck!
  7. Welcome!

    I did a full day course at AllStar in Dandenong. The first half of the day was spent talking about things like choosing gear and general attitude to riding, so nothing that would really help passing the test (except for calming the nerves).

    The second half of the day started with the written test, then a couple of hours of drills for the practical test, then the test itself.

    The 2-day course I believe is designed for complete beginners who have never really been anywhere near any kind of motorbike. If you know where all the important bits are (clutch, brakes, gear lever etc.) and how to use them to ride relatively smoothly at low speed, even on a dirt bike, you wouldn't get much benefit out of the extra day.

    Half-day should be enough to get you through the test, but you won't get much else. That said, you'll get all the extra info from netrider (and a lot more) anyway, as long as you can sift out the useful stuff from the rubbish.

    EDIT: Read the book multiple times and make sure you know it thoroughly, beyond just answering the sample questions. The actual test questions are a bit trickier than what's in the book.
  8. welcome to NR dont sweat it [easie said then done] you WILL be fine
  9. You too? The course I did had two blokes on it who turned up thinking they knew it all, failed the written test first try, then one stacked during the practice being a smartarse and the other stalled on the slow ride in his test. Everyone else was fine.
  10. ninja for 3.5k, nice..what year and model mate? thanks for all the replies.
  11. Welcome mate, just relax about the test and im sure you will pass.
    If you can ride dirt bikes then you're ahead of alot of others who go do the test. One guy did the test the day before i did mine and never rode a pushbike let alone a motorbike and forgot to put his feet down when he stopped. Ended up like a turtle on its back. Good luck and enjoy the ride.
  12. Yeah had two guys came in with full gear, not really giving a stuff about the instructor when they were explaining the methods. Then they both ended up running wide twice on the turns, both failed. Was funny because there was a lady riding a scooter who was absolutely hopeless, even ran into the fence when she was practicing, but she managed to pass... haha

    An '08, had about 14,000km. Obviously been dropped or something, but rode perfect, engine was perfect. Replaced the damaged fairings for a total of $190 and the bike is as good as new :D Got it from a kawa dealer too
  13. Don't ya just love those types of riders :)

    But be thankful. Without those nitwits, the rest of wouldn't look as good!
  14. Lol actually I was semi-grateful at the time. The arsehat who failed his slow ride was right before me, and his fail settled my nerves. Can't be nervous when you're pissing yourself laughing =D