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The New GUY!!!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by NakedChino, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. whats goin on guys...

    names dan i just got our of prison lol so yeah im lookin to get back into bikes.. always had dirt bikes and i buyin a bike in the next few weeks..

    and im lovin the streetfighters... pure sex=D>

  2. welcome to Netrider...
  3. welcome Dan
  4. Dan must be good to get out of those GREENS!
  5. u know it mate u know it hahaha
  6. did you get your nickname in prison?
  7. Welcome to the forum Dannn. The bike works as a great escape for me too.
  8. Good movie that (y)
    Welcome !
  9. mummy said always be weary of the new guy...
  10. Welcome mate. It's a bit of a rush, ain't it? Do you find all the rooms and everything are too small? And everything's fragile and ticky-tackie?
  11. Welcome New Guy!

  12. hahaha nar man... i wrote naked i.e. naked bikes and chino is just my favourite singer so yeah haha deftones junkie
  13. Cos the new guys is ****in mad!!!!!!!!!!

    yeah i spose man hahaha i dunno, all i know is its ****in shithouse