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The new guy

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by stacker, Nov 17, 2010.

  1. Hi guys, If been on my bike for 2 years now, 2 months and im off my Ps 8-[
    Anyways im on a black zzr 250 and in gippsland (Moe) If any1 wants to go for a ride one day :)

    See you guys out there!

  2. Hi Stacker came through on the run from Moe through Willow Grove etc a couple of weeks ago. Some great riding country in Gippy.
  3. welcome in mate
  4. G'day mate

    Fun Ha!
  5. Welcome Stacker. Hope you don't live up to your name!
  6. Welcome mate
  7. Nice choice of bike :) Welcome and enjoy!
  8. Hi stacker and welcome to NR
  9. I had one of those and they rock. Welcome mate,

  10. Was going to reply almost exactly as cjvfr's post above ! After an evening in Lakes Entrance, returned home as above..and yes, some very enjoyable roads in your neck of the woods :)
    Welcome mate (y)