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The new guy is a total 'tard

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Darkness Born, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. Hey all,

    So have trawled these forums a while and have signed up to firstly ask some questions, and hopefully down the track be able to answer some!


    My name is alex, 25 year old in melbourne, limited riding experience (rode a scoot for a couple of years in Jakarta, Indonesia) and had to resit Ls on return here which I sadly let expire due to being stung by a dodgy dealer and left hurting in the back pocket...

    so now as a slightly older, slightly less-mature adult,, I have come back, and am looking to rejoin the ride.

    I am looking a supermotards, love the look, and think a higher sitting height, thinner chassis and high mirrors would be nice for melbourne traffic. Specifically i am looking at a DRZ 400 sm, these seem pretty rad, and people tend to rave about them (and seeming as I have recently re-sat for my license, are legal for me to ride)..

    what are peoples thought on these? Funny thing about looking for bikes for sale is that a brand spanker from a dealer is about 9k, but something with 15,000 km on it from '06 could be as much as $6.5k. So this sux for the buyer, but is reassuring that resale is great.

    any tips for buying? any general tips?

    appreciate your time,
  2. First, stop using the word "rad".

    Which Ninja Turtle are you ?
  3. Try to be nice Vlad, we usually like to let them settle in first before they get the treatment ;)

    Fvck me I used a smilie, shoot me.
  4. I like the word 'rad' In fact I think I will make it my word of the day.

    Oh, I too am interested in which Ninja Turle you are.
  5. Welcome to the nut house. :)
  6. f*uck you, vladherpes. rad is an awesome word.

    you're a noob anyways
  7. Hey Alex,

    I think I did my license with you - were you riding the 'Toad'?

    Don't worry too much about the idiots around here - they're a nice bunch of people, really!!

    I looked at a motard for my first bike for the same reasons you mentioned - the seat, handlebar, and mirror height, and general usefulness around traffic. I've since been told though that they aren't much chop on the open road. Perhaps some others around here with something sensible to say might be able to elaborate... ;)

    Cheers, Michael.
  8. totally forgot to say hi!

    welcome in to NR Alex!! hope you have fun, and ignore stupid comments like the specific one above from some dude jealous that you're still down with using cool terms :D

    i think motards rock :D
  9. motards are the only proper fun lams bike.
  10. Welcome Alex. If you do get a motard, let me know how it goes. I've been considering getting on as a second bike... (btw, I call dibs on Leonardo, so, you'll have to be someone else.)
  11. Hi Alex. Rad to meet you dude.
    You can be the super new 'tard riding the super 'tard!

    Edit: Shotgun being Raphael.

    Edit #2: Fu<Ken new avatar too! YEEWWW!
  12. Yo Dude , my avatar was an early twenties ninja turtle proto type.
    P.s. Rad is an AWESOME word.Your avitar is Rad.


  13. glad we are in agree-ance on rad, it is a rad word....

    yeah i'm used to knobtrolls so take the vlads with a pinch of salt.

    cant wait to get on a bike, been too long, miss that feeling. As for tards on the open road, not sure how much open-roading ill be doing tbh, only new here so wanna get in before inviting myself on rides, and new to melb so no mates here (BOO)

    anyone have an opinion on the drz400sm? or any other LAMS motard? wouldnt care if it wasnt lams, but found out id be voiding insurance and if I cut a cyclist in half i'd have to pay for their reconstruction.

    p.s. im dunasmello, the brown turtle
  14. Rad is like, Kawabunga, dude!

    Nice to have you here mate. Welcome aboard.

    Sadly, this place is full of people who think they're funny. Sometimes I'm one of them.
  15. Well if your set on a tard why dont you check out something with a b bit more poke husaberg fe650, ktm 525 etc.
    Welcome by the way
  16. Internet comedy gold. Give the new guy a kicking because he gave the new guy a kicking. Only on Netrider.
  17. Tsk tsk my little troll. If you're going to shoot your mouth off be ready to back it up, and by back it up I don't mean use back up. Me thinks you underestimate Vlad too much.
  18. wasn't exactly trolling, but wasn't being serious either.

    joking and seriousness all in one :)

    i don't underestimate.
  19. oh, now i remember why i said what i did!

    i was using the napoleon dynamite voice in my head when i was typing hahahahaha

    oh man i get sidetracked sometimes.
  20. I'm pretty sure Vlad comes from a place where they eat trolls and spit out the bits they don't like. I may be wrong.

    Never troll a troll, have fun now :)