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The New Ducati Scrambler

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by V2, Oct 1, 2014.

  1. I think I like it! Looks somewhat like the traditional old ones.


    More Here

  2. Looks like one of those Honda monkey bikes.
  3. Here is an original one. Looks like the new ones have much more motor!

  4. I'm a bit conflicted about the new bike, it doesn't look too bad but Ducati Scramblers are meant to be singles :sour:
  5. vtr250 for grown ups!
  6. Thats horrible,1000% better was the Hyprermotad at the Sydney Ducati Concorse with the Olive green paint job and Nobby tyres.It got heaps of comments,must have been a custum job but looked factory made.Would make a great Adventure Bike.There are pics of it in the Advernture Rider thread ca[​IMG]lled
  7. With fuel range of 150km, it wouldn't be a very far adventure. Should be fine to the local cafe though.
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  8. The same was said about that very expensive Mick Halwood Rep,till a replacement larger tank was made in California.Same for just about every 450 endro bike before they get modded for The Dakar.Not to mention those underseat accessory tanks for some big twin KTMs,or those nomad tanks that mount on the rear guard of endro bikes that get ridden more than 100ks on a trail ride,fuel proof soft bladders available etc etc.There is a fix for anything.
  9. I'm having mixed reactions.

    Sort of like parts of it and sort of don't like some other parts. Will have to wait and see. Would be interesting to see the Australian pricing as well.

    I prefer the looks of the new Monster 821 though. That's one good looking bike. Along with the Panigales.
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  10. From Bikesales:

    The machines will go on sale in early 2015, at the following prices:
    • ICON (Ducati Red) $12,990
    • ICON (’62 Yellow) $13,140
    • URBAN ENDURO $14,990
    • CLASSIC $14,990
    • FULL THROTTLE $14,990
  11. Plus dealer costs plus statutory charges plus other costs?? Or are these ride away prices?
  12. No, not ride away! :)

    It still seems like a bargain though when you compare it to BMW's Nine T, because I'm pretty sure people will be cross shopping these bikes.
  13. Looking at the tank size and the "fuely" data from the donor bike I get a 250km range. "Adventure bike" ergonomics have been popular with people not adventuring for a fair while, I actually like that this one doesn't have a beak.
  14. yeah, that is ugly
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  15. Every other time I've seen a Ducati price published on Bikesales it hasn't included onroads. If that's the case for the Scrambler then its pricing is way off the charts, especially considering they'll be coming in from Thailand.
  16. Anybody heard what cc it is?
  17. Ducati Scrambler tech specs

    • Engine: L-Twin, Desmodromic distribution, 2 valves per cylinder, air cooled
    • Displacement: 803cc
    • Bore x Stroke: 88 x 66 mm
    • Compression: 11:1
    • Power: 75hp (55kW) @ 8250rpm
    • Torque: 50lb-ft (68Nm) @ 5750rpm
    • Fuel injection: Electronic fuel injection, 50 mm throttle body
    • Exhaust: single stainless steel muffler with aluminium exterior cover, catalytic converter and 2 lambda probes
    • Emissions: Euro 3
    • Transmission: 6 speed
    • Ratios: 1=32/13 2=30/18 3=28/21 4=26/23 5=22/22 6=24/26
    • Primary drive: Straight-cut gears, Ratio 1.85:1
    • Final drive: Chain, front spocket 15, rear sprocket 46
    • Clutch: APTC wet multiplate with mechanical control
    • Chassis: Frame Tubular steel Trellis frame
    • Wheelbase: 1445mm (56.9in)
    • Rake: 24°
    • Trail: 112mm (4.4in)
    • Total steering lock: 35°
    • Front suspension: Upside down Kayaba 41mm fork
    • Front wheel travel: 150mm (5.9in)
    • Front wheel: 10-spoke in light alloy 3.00″ x 18″
    • Front tyre: 110/80 R18 Pirelli MT 60 RS
    • Rear suspension: Kayaba rear shock, pre-load adjustable
    • Rear wheel travel: 150mm (5.9in)
    • Rear wheel: 10-spoke light alloy 5.50″ x 17″
    • Rear tyre: 180/55 R17 Pirelli MT 60 RS
    • Front brake: Single 330mm disc, radial 4-piston calliper with ABS as standard equipment
    • Rear brake: 245mm disc, 1-piston floating calliper with ABS as standard equipment
    • Fuel tank: 13.5L – 3.57 gallon (US)
    • Dry weight: 170kg (375lb)
    • *Wet weight: 186kg (410lb)
    • Seat height: 790mm (31.1in) – low seat 770mm (30.3 in) available as accessory
    • Max height: 1150mm (45.3in) (brake reservoir)
    • Max width: 845mm (33.3 in) (mirrors)
    • Max length: 2100 – 2165mm (82.7 – 85.2in)
    • Instrumentation: LCD
    • Ducati electronics dual-channel ABS
    • Warranty 2 years unlimited mileage
    • *Wet weight includes all fluids and fuelled to at least 90% of useable tank capacity. (93/93/CE)
    Urban Enduro equipment: Spoked aluminium wheels, aluminium engine sump guard, high front mudguard, headlight grill,

    aluminium handlebar crossbrace, front stem protectors, seat with dedicated design, dedicated logo

    Full Throttle equipment: Termignoni slip-on silencer, low aluminium handlebars, flat-track style seat, sport tail piece with

    dedicated turn indicator support, sport style front mudguard, black fuel tank side covers, dedicated


    Classic equipment: Spoked aluminium wheels, front and rear aluminium mudguards, seat with dedicated design, fuel

    tank with black stripe, dedicated logo, high plate support.
  18. Air cooled 800cc meh...

    It might have sold if it was lams legal.

  19. That will make things interesting... A bridge between mt07/09 and r-nine-t ... Will be on a test ride list for me ( but I ride a guzzi so I obviously have no taste :) )