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The New Dorset River

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Rolla, Dec 3, 2007.

  1. This is what Dorset Road in Ferntree gully looked like this afternoon after the little bit of rain we had.


    Those who don't know the road, it has 4 lanes and a service road. Notice the broken down Toorak tractor. :p

  2. this is what i just rode my pushbike home in :grin:

    f*ck it was wet....

    i had a lane to myself though. the mad mile if you know it (burwood hwy from upper ferntree gully to upwey), the left lane belgrave bound was half flooded as the drains were overflowing as usual. cars couldnt drive through it safely, but i can ride up half a lane eeeasy :grin:

    copped a lil bit of spray from cars though :LOL:

    rumour has it (and i reckon that photo confirms it) the basketball stadium in boronia was 1 foot underwater, at least. i work at Coles, and luckily our receiving bay dock is 1.5m raised from the bay itself.... Kmart isnt so lucky. while we managed to contain flooding pipes and random leaks, Kmart was almost a foot deepin water in their dock, frantically trying to shift pallets to save stock, staff wading thru water. oh and the store looded, and customers had to be evacuated and the store closed :LOL: poor sods.

    but its ok guys, its Summer!!
  3. Thank God for Global Warming is all I can say :rofl:.
  4. I heard Priceline in Boronia was 2 feet under water, and Graham Werner Toyota was hit but a mudslide.
  5. yeah priceline copped it bad.
    and the florist near the corner of dorset n boronia rds, they had new carpet put in a week or two ago... rip it up!!
  6. :shock: Gives traffic flow a whole new meaning
  7. :roll:
  8. Dang, is that just near the Arboretum on Dorset Road? Passed through there no problems at about 4 pm, something must have blocked up the stormwater grate in the floodway just off there. Burwood highway flooding from Ferny Creek and poor drainage as usual, just glad I was in the Patrol today. Definitely felt sorry for the poor guys forced to ride...

    I didn't see any canoes on Burwood highway this time though. :LOL:
  9. Directly opposite the arboretum.

    No canoes, but I did see two guys walking along Dorset Road carrying their surf boards. :p
  10. :rofl: Cowabunga dewd. It all makes perfect sense Dave, "Bayswater" is the neighboring suburb :roll: