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The new Doctor Who

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mr Flibble, Apr 19, 2010.

  1. Seen the first three now.

    I'm disappointed. I was expecting great things from the new writers, 'Blink' was a great episode (the statues - they're featured next ep).

    So far there's been giant flying snow flakes with huge eyes, - weird Brighton Pier arcade type android school teachers, technicolor Darleks, WWII Spitfires flying in outer space...

    And Matt Smith needs to chill down a bit. I hope it settles down.

    I dunno, am I expecting too much?

    Who's (pun intended) your favourite Doctor?

    Mine was Tom Baker with Peter Davison a very close second.
    Christopher Eccleston was the best of the new bunch I reckon...

  2. I don't mind the new stuff actually. He isn't tooo far different from what I am used to seeing. But I feel there is something lacking from this season but I just can't put my finger on it.
    It doesn't seem to be with Matt though. I think the stories are feeling a little rushed I guess.

    I haven't seen the originals so I will put my favorite Dr as David Tenant.
  3. I liked William Hartnell, John Pertwee and David Tennant the best!

  4. When I think of Dr Who, the only Dr that comes to mind is Tom Baker. This may be because at that age, he was the current Dr so I got used to him as the character.
  5. The new Doctor I can live with, the new companion I can live with...

    But this seasons stories have varied from mediocre to bad (spitfires in space?!?!).

    After the heights reached under the recently departed Doctor it's a bit of a let down to be honest.
  6. On the spitfires in space stuff with the last ep. What shitted me the most with it is that it suddenly happened.
    Dr Who has been great with the big build up, that part just happened, no build nothing just oh look spitfires in space. Oh look new weapons on them.

    Side note - May I suggest putting a spoiler warning in the title.
  7. I think the New Doc's pretty good, needs a couple of more to bed in properly though.

    I haven't watched the third one yet but as a pom "Spitfires in Space" sounds like the coolest thing ever...
  8. Definately a Tom Baker fan here.

    I've only seen the first episode so far. I agree with other that it probably needs a few more episodes to bed in and show if it is really going to be any good.

    Having said that, for a first episode I didn't think it was that bad.

    The new Doctor seems pretty good although I hope he doesn't go over the top comical with the character.

    Will wait and see...
  9. I suspect the people who don't like the spitfires in space are also those that most vehemently hated jar jar binks etc in the new star wars movies.

    The important thing to remember is these things are made for children, but hopefully made in such a way that adults enjoy them as well.

    Did they succeed?
    Well based on the responses it looks like no.

    I only really watched the new doctor who stuff since Chris Eccleston, and have enjoyed them all so far.
  10. could never get into dr who. Never seemed to go anywhere.
  11. Earlier in the episode, the doctor was quizzing the scientist about his inventing the daleks(ironsides), and the scientist alluded to all these other machines/things he had invented/dreamed up in the bath...hypersconic flight and gravity bubbles ( 10 minute mark just after the dalek offers him a cup of tea )

    I also vote for Chris Ecclestone as best of the 'new' doctors ...although to be fair all the new doctors have added their own twist/personality...none of them bad
  12. I know that he dreamed up the idea, but with the speed that it was suddenly done, just seems a little odd with me.
    I am just over analysising it.
  13. Yah I also realize that the Dalek built scientist robot/bomb (that's a lot but I could live with that) dreamed up by himself the 'hypersonic flight' and 'gravity bubble' ideas but assuming he invented those hypersonic flight would have torn apart the spitfires.

    I was sort of expecting the gravity bubble to be lift up a battleship to be honest, that would only have required a shaped gravitational field (to lift up the ship and hold the air in) and not extra new weapons (battleships already have big guns and the Dalek ship was already damaged) but AIR CRAFT that turn where there is NO AIR is a step to far says I :(
  14. Just watched the 4th ep.

    My faith is restored =D>
  15. +1 for tennant
    and new season blows, story's are all bleh and meh
  16. Summed it all up.
  17. Only just starting watching doctor who. Nothing to complain about with the second ep, and the angel one is awesome.
  18. Really liked the angel ep, pissed off when it was a 2 parter. Was all like omg what's going to happen then it ends. RAAAAGE