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The new Bus Lanes in Perth

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Duffman, Jul 7, 2006.

  1. The other thread goring round about sharing bicycle lanes reminded me of a gripe I’ve got.

    The new bus lane on South Street in Melville (or whatever suburb it is) in Perth. For those not in Perth, this bus lane is only a bus lane during peak times, ie morning and night for a couple of hours each. There are some signs off the side of the road that give this information. Other than the signs, there is text on the road saying BUS LANE every now and then. The bus lane, is the left of 3 lanes in each direction.

    My gripe is that I feel this confuses people unnecessarily. I’m all for bus lanes as I think public transport should be encouraged and giving busses a quicker route through traffic is a good idea. But why not just make it a bus lane 24hrs a day? Then it could be coloured with that red bitumen they use on other bus lanes. Then everyone would know it’s a bus lane and there wouldn’t be any problem.

    This was brought to my attention yesterday afternoon when I was travelling along South Street. There were MANY cars cruising along happily in the Bus lane. They either had no idea it was a bus lane or simply didn’t care. Then up ahead a cop was booking people driving in the bus lane. The funny thing was that he was stopping people in the Bus lane, and therefore blocking the lane and forcing busses to merge into the other lanes.

    It seems another case of illogical laws being introduced and then fining people who genuinely weren’t aware of it. When they could so easily make it an obvious proper bus lane and then there would be no grey area.
  2. Hehehe .. the similairities with that bike sharing topics is very high. They probably tried to optimise usage, and still allow other traffic to use that lane when it's pointless having a bus only lane 24/7. Maybe it's a test to see if that works? But instead it's only confused people and soon you'll have them complaining it's been done that way purposefully as revenue raising. People complain it's a wate of having a bus lane during times it not needed, so they try to fix that and only have it when it's needed and people complain that it's confusing :)

    The similiarities to the bicycle lane sharing topic? If you make it 30km/h max, only when no bicycles are within 50m, and only when other traffic is stationery .. riders will complain it's too confusing and done that way for revenue raising :)
  3. You could also use the same argument against school zone times ,
    it's confusing ," I never know what time it is or if it's a school holiday"

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  4. But then, the logic in having a bus lane is for peak times, when traffic is bad. Logically, during non peak times, traffic would be much less, so it wouldn't matter if the bus lane could be used or not? You know, bus lane ends at say 9am, so everyone starts using it at 10 to 9.........
    What I am saying is, it sounds like a revenue trap to me.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. And what's wrong with electronic signs saying "Bus Lane in Use- No entry" every so often.
    Not cheap but sensible - the same idea as the electronic sispeed limit signs that will eventually be in school zones.
  6. there are those sort of signs on Johnston St in Melbourne, they obviously come on and off at the required times, this way no confusion. Much better than a sign saying 'bus lane and then the fine print which you need to virtually come to a stop to read all the start and end times etc. I recon motorcyclists should be able to use the bus lane regardless, it's not like they will hold up the bus.
  7. In the UK the biggest resistance to motorcycles in bicycle lanes has come from cyclists :LOL:

    They are happier with buses than with motorcycles (and where's the logic there) :roll:
  8. i agree with you duffman...
    was cruisin down south street last week and saw pretty much exactly what you described!!

    at least on Hampton rd it's BUSLANE 24/7... although there are a fair share of spanners that disregard!

    you should put ur thoughts to council!? i work for city of freo if i could help at all?!!?
  9. Tony, I agree mate, if anything bicycles should have no rights as they dont pay to use our roads. Motorcyclists on the other hand pay rego and always come last in the bicycle, car and bus race. It's just bullshit.
  10. TonyE, you read my mind.
    Thats exactly what i was thinking. What about some overhead electronic signs that simplify the matter. During peak hours, the signs could say BUS ONLY easy!

    As for school zones TonyE, they should have the same signs, or flashing orange lights that turn on during the school zone times. That way they could really say "hey, this is a safety thing, not a revenue raising excercise."

    Finkers, your absolutely right, i think the bus lanes on Hampton Rd work pretty well. Sure there is the odd toss who drives in them anyway, but we'll always get those people.

    Its silly that it annoyed me, but for some reason government incompetency just fires me up. Why do they do these things without community consultation and then claim that its for our good!