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The NEW bike-Side car Combo,...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Dr Who, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. G'day everyone,....

    So who would concider getting a bike with a sidecar like this?





    Might be good for a run down the SPUR yeah,..?

    Dr Who?
  2. umm looks more like a car with a bike attached to it. can't really see it turning left very well....
  3. all the disadvantages of a bike

    and none of the advantages

    all the disadvantages of a car

    and none of the advantages

    no thanks...
  4. + it's based on a Laverda Jota 3 cylinder engine from the 70's so it has all the unreliability of a 70's Italian motorcycle as well.

  5. if it was on the right side i would buy 1
  6. Ever since getting into sidecars between one and two people per week email me a photo of that thing! No thanks!

    But how about this...real boat! With motor! All the advantages possessed by neither a solo or a car! :grin:


    But if we're talking cool sidecars, the more I think about it, the more this is the go...


    Oh my dreams...
  7. Oh that boat is wicked.
  8. Extra cool if it actually floats.
  9. I was told there was a British company back in the day which actually manufactured as a standard item a sidecar which doubled as a boat! The fellow (a sidecarist nut) mentioned the name but I forget.

    Imagine that, a chassis designed to take any desert sand, gravel or mud, and a bike with the right set-up and a massive fuel tank, with the boat in which you stored fuel, camping and fishing gear, etc; and then, upon reaching water, you went boating!
  10. G'day everyone,....

    I just love that BSA,...
    That is so cool,...

    I wonder if they had a BSA Golden Flash at that bike show?

    Dr Who?
  11. That first bike/car combo wouldn't work here - it's left hand drive! :wink:
  12. Well so far look like i am the only one that would like to own 1 . oh well I like riding things that are a bit different

    Hey Dr who what sort of BSA have you got?
    I have an old BSA too
  13. The ONLY problem with Laverdas was the first generation Bosh EI,fit an easily available modern EI,there are half a dozen made now and there as reliable as there age and mileage allow,mine did 3000ks around the Snowys last year in 4 days at not to be mentioned speeds with Zero dramas in company with 8 other Laverdas.Not to bad for a 34 year old 70s Italian sports bike