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The new bike in my garage

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Holster, Sep 13, 2008.

  1. Today at approx. 4.30pm I took ownership of the new love of my life - 2006 Kawasaki Z750:

    I only have a couple shitty photos for now taken with my phone camera (and 1 from the original ad that was placed) - I was a little everywhere today and forgot to put my camera on charge.



  2. sweet as holly. congrats.... that will be awesome for the tassie trip
  3. nice bike! congrats.
    Add the z750 to my list of bikes to look at when i get off my p's i think :)
  4. Wow! Gorgeous. :) I'm really glad it worked out for you two... you were meant to be together.
  5. niiiiice

    thats going to be fun, all these people getting new toys makes me want my new baby more and more
  6. Thanks guys :D

    Now I just have to ride it fast enough to keep up with you guys :p
  7. That is the bike I think I might be upgrading to when I can Holly. The bright fuk-off orange version tho.
  8. Bloody Moderators get paid too much.
  9. Very nice mate. :grin:
    You will have heaps of fun on it.
  10. Sweet looking Bike Holster :cool:
    Congrats my friend !
  11. Nice looking bike.
    Quote "Chicken Sh*t Pussy" :grin:
  12. very very nice bike, congrats
  13. congrats mate, you will love every inch of it. have had mine for just under 6 months and have enjoyed every moment.
  14. nice bike, love the semi naked look! :grin:
  15. So have you RIDDEN the damn thing yet?
  16. Niiiice.

    So there will be a couple of attractive things on the Tassie trip.
  17. You talking about the bike or the rider :rofl:?????
  18. Hey darls

    Once you clean the black shit hanging out the bikes arse, it'll look almost
    as beautiful as you & yours [​IMG]

    Nice purchase Holly. Lovin' it muchly [​IMG]
  19. Nice upgrade Hol :grin:

    I'm tipping lots of fun to be had in Tassie on your new ride!!