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The new bike has arrived, I'm baaaaaack ! YEAH BABY !!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by doonx, May 6, 2005.

  1. I've replaced the Black biatch with the "Vampire"


    This is NOT my new bike

    This IS my new bike

    can you pick the difference ?

    And a BIG thanks to mouth for giving me a dink down to Somerville to collect her last night :D I must say however, I think you've ruined me. After getting off the back of that big, thumping, gutteral growling VTR1000 BEAST (Drool) and onto the 250, I did in fact feell like and sound like I was about to do the lawn.

    I think I maybe looking for that big bike sooner after my restrictions wind up, rather than later ......
  2. Nice looking bike regardless of the lack of cubes :D .

    Are you bringing your new baby to Coffee tonight?
  3. I can't tonight, we've got a dinner engagement, but it'll be at coffee on Monday and Friday next week :D
  4. That's a damn fine looking bike Doonks. Congrats.
  5. Well mate this one looks the puppies bits.:) Congrats mate!
  6. Re: I'm baaaaaack ! YEAH BABY !!!

    That exactly how I feel everytime I get on a ZZR250.....a ride on lawn mower. My mate used to hate it when I said that but hey it was the truth. Mind you he was more than keen to jump on my CBR250R any chance he got.

    Congrats Doonks, happy riding and make sure you keep it rubber side down.
  7. Well what can you say... Only... \:D/ \:D/ I guess


  8. Nice looking bike Doonks. Congrats mate!!

    :D :D
  9. Back in town!!! :LOL:

    Good one mate, enjoy it!
  10. Doonks, congrats on the new bike, ride safe keep it rubber side down.
  11. Nice looking bike.

    How's the lawn?
  12. Is Kawasaki...Is good :wink:
  13. Doonks....mate....THAT's a GIRLS bike!!!!!!


  14. Bit of a late post, but the bike looks great. Looks like its in good nick too. Looking like a red back to me :) anyhows nice ride and good too see you in a happy mood