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The new Benz....

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Azz, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. Looks like a concept car.
  2. fly by wire? no direct coupling of driver and road.. :shock: oh well good thing i dont drive..
  3. concept or not it's darn ugly!!
  4. Looks like just another day at the office for me. :)
  5. lucky so&so.

    always wanted to get my pilots license
  6. It can't be that expensive. It has colendars for hub caps.
  7. yes but cars aren't ment to fly... I tried it once ina mazda 626 of the sidling near launceston...:oops: they are very inept flyiers... :wink:
  8. to right there.
    it looks like an old statesman or something
    in other words, compleate garbage
  9. Looke like a silvia from the back :shock: but i bet it flys if its real
  10. go on... rub it in :wink: I'd love to get my pilots license but just don't have that sort of $$$ spare to go for it and get up the required flight time etc. Probably coz I waste (no, spend) all my money on my bike, gear & going out :? just maybe...
  11. apparently those pics of the Benz are about 6 years old
  12. There are good physiological reasons why 'joysticks' don't work well in cars. The human brain is poorly calibrated for pressure input sensitivity, it works much better with distance inputs. When the F16 fighter was first introduced it had a 'solid' control stick that didn't move at all, it sensed pressure as the pilot tried to move it. This was supposed to be better in high 'G' situations, but it turned out that without movement the pilot could not measure or anticipate the control input/output relationship. A steering wheel has a much larger input/output correlation than a joystick, part of the reason why almost all modern non-combat aircraft have a 'yoke' not a 'joystick'.
  13. Coming from a falcon lover... the AU has to be one of the ugliest things ever created :p
  14. So I guess the concept never got off the ground... I still like it better than my current car... I think anything is better than that heap of $hite :LOL:
  15. The au was ugly but the ba is beautifull :p
  16. Any Buffy fans around here? I'm reminded of episode 'Restless', where Anya drives the van:

    "I think I've figured out how to steer by gesturing emphatically." :)
  17. Nice cage you have :grin:

    I've never been a fan of any Ford model in the past decade until the BA rolled off the production line... now that is a Ford that could and has converted many a Holden man :wink:
  18. Looks like Maybach got hold of a silvia s14 and amade it shiny :p