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The Netrider Great Rubber Chicken Relay

Discussion in 'Other States' at netrider.net.au started by Takamii, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. Okay Ladies and Gents

    Is any one here who would participate in an idea I have for the Netrider Great Rubber Chicken Circumnavigation of Australia ?

    The idea is I buy a rubber chicken here in Canberra and ride up to the next closest town or city with a netrider reader who wants to participate and hand off the rubber chicken ( after signing it, dating it and taking a picture of it in front of my cities name ) who will then do the same for the next person in the town or city closest to them who wants to participate.

    The idea is to get the Rubber Chicken around Australia and back to Canberra where it started from. and post the pic in this thread of you , or your bike etc with the rubber chicken in front of the sign

    The way to do it is as the holder of the rubber chicken you post up saying where you are and are looking to hand it off to the next person close to you

    and so on and so on - HOWEVER IF A GROUP OF PEOPLE WANT TO ESCORT THE HOLDER OF STRETCH MCBOKBOK to the next hand off this is good as well - be creative - this is a fun thing for people to participate in for the cost of some fuel and some time -- whether you ride 500 kms or 5 kms to hand of Stretch it doesnt matter

    I will start in Canberra - any takers in places close to Canberra to hand off too - Goulburn, wagga , cooma , south coast ?


    PS mods - if you agree to make this work so the thread is not lost we need to make it a sticky

    why did the rubber chicken cross the road ? - because it was gaffa taped to the netriders helmet

    THIS IS STRETCH's face book page http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Adventures-of-Stretch-McBokBok/301402106550966?v=wall


    While Facebook is one thing, I reckon we ought to track Stretch's trip with TripAdvisor.net.
    That way not only can we see photos but we can follow his progress geographically as he tours this great land !

    To this end I have created:

    The Adventures of Stretch McBokBok

    I ask that each netrider as they have their stretch with stretch, log on and update their location/s along with a pic or two.

    The username is "Stretch"
    The password is: (PM me if you need it)

    I ask that whoever was first with the chook do so, and then each person in order. I figure once one person has done their update then they can tell the next person the password so they can do theirs.

    Also if possible visit stretch's site and vote for him so we get his popularity up !

    Cheers all.
  2. Count me in for central Queensland!
  3. I'd be in from my area, mittagong southern highlands could take it from you or someone around goulburn could bring it here, then i could take it down to the wollongonites that could take it to sydney
  4. cute idea :)
  5. Okay - You and I will start - I will get a Rubber chicken and bring it to Mittagong on a day time we will arrange
  6. Hmm, The Nullabor and wilds of WA may be a problem but who knows, lets give it a go. Victoria shouldn't be difficult. It would be good to get pics of the rubber chicken on the great riding roads of Australia too. An he/she should have a name :)
  7. Not a problem, if you want to lessen your ride i can meet at goulburn as well the halfway point
  8. Goulburn it is - I am available any time after tuesday

    I will send you a pm with my number and let me know when is a good time for you
  9. I can cover the central coast.
  10. The Chickens name is "Stretch McBokBok"
  11. Done:

    The Adventures of Stretch McBokBok.

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  12. I'd love to take Strech McBokBok off ya hands Waedwe ( :-s ) and & take him up the Coast. Let me know where you wanna hook up & I'll contact Brmmm.

    That's all that's missing, a pic of our ZZRs with a rubber chook
  13. Stretch should be with me on Tuesday or Wednesday

    both I and Waedwe are free Wednesday and Thursday so that is when the first part will start of the Adventures

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  14. No problem Finn a rubber chicken with our ZZR's will go with the giant trout pic lol
  15. :LOL:(y)
    Sending PM.
  16. Damn - could've met Tak at Yass on Wednesday arvo and delivered the fowl beast directly to Waedwe...
  17. we can still do that Nite if it arrives on tuesday to my place or wednesday by say 2-3 pm ?
  18. It's cool.
    Might be doing the hand over in fancy dress. :wink:
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  19. Actually it's OK on reflection - I couldn't be sure what time I'll be anywhere, and it seems I've already picked up a stowaway who's looking for a bit of an adventure ;)
  20. everyone should do this in a chicken suit