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The Netrider art of the circle of trolleys:

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by susuzuki, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. Yes they are art, especially netrider ones

    The circle of trolleys.

    An art exhibition, in each state or region or town.

    From Cairns to Brissie to Sydney to Woolongong to Canberrra to Albury to South Gippy to Melbourne to Bendigo to Adelaide to Perth to Broome to Darwin and all places in between.

    First you find an abandoned trolley or more than one.

    Decorate it with found objects that have got to do with anything with motorbikes in general.

    No $$$$ can be spent on the creation.

    Then say, all on the same day are put on display in all the
    different places.

    Who is in on this?
  2. :shock:

    what in gods name have you been taking? :LOL:
  3. and why haven't you shared it around? :LOL:
  4. This thread has turned to shit already!
  5. Wait till Loz, the Trolley King, gets here :LOL:.
  6. nothin' in god's name, just enjoying a bit of trolley fever.
    feel like joining the trolley circle?
  7. Now why does that not surprise me. :)
  8. I don't get this whole trolley thing.
  9. Neither do I, and yet I'm strangely intrigued.
  10. Is this abandoned enough?
  11. smeesmee That is going to be your catch phrase soon I reckon [​IMG]

  12. I must admit, I've fantisised about fitting an engine to a trolley!
  13. matt wrote



    LPG was d best i could do
  14. All of you stick to your hand-trolley please. You will harm just yourselves.
  15. well i work in a supermarket, so i have easy access to as many trolleys as you want :p
  16. ^^^^ NOW THATS ART^^^^

    As for this trolley circle thing WTF?

    Meh, I'd be in it, you only live once.
  17. Pffft, that's not how you do it. Too cramped. THIS is how you build a powered shopping trolley!! :grin:


    (That's a Mopar V8 under the "hood".)
  18. i cant believe someone thought that was a good idea, and then still went ahead and did it the next day [just how long does it take for drugs to wear off? i guess it's longer than what it takes to build a V8 trolley]

    you win that one cookeetree

    cheers :cool: