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The Net Rider "Action Shot" Thread

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by [FLUX], Jul 27, 2006.

  1. Welcome,

    This thread is an attempt to provide a place where those of us who like to "show off" a bit can post our action photographs in the one thread where we can share our exploits and comment on other's.

    To host pictures you'll have to either put them on a web host site of your own choosing, or alternately if you're a member you can upload pictures into the Netrider Picture Gallery and host the images from there.

    Please remember the forum guideline request of no more than 3 images per post.

    As an additional guideline, this is meant to primarily an image and comment thread. It's not intended to be used to ask questions and discuss techniques and hold entire conversations about some image. If you want to focus on some specific aspect about some image that you see then please post your question in the appropriate forum section.

    So let's get it started eh? Let's see some of our fellow NetRider's in action!
  2. Okay, I'll kick it off. Here's some action shots from the Black Spur with Urban and myself.



    Me showing, er, judicious use of lean angle (meaning not much lean)


    ...and one of my favorite shots of negotiating Honda corner at PI.

  3. Awesome Stewie bur fark if I can do that on public road :LOL:

    Broadford track day !! Too bad the pro photographer did not appear :cry:

    [MOD: broken links to images removed]
  4. Here's a pic of me in the black spur

  5. Occasionally I get out to do a bit of this:

    But more often than not you'll find me doing these:

    On as many different bikes as I can!
  6. Loz, thats awesome!! :LOL:
  7. ZZR250 around Eastern Creek



    VTR1000 around Oran Park


    edited - max 3 pics per post - Flipper
  8. Here are a couple of me on my old bike (Hornet 250) coming down the Black Spur


  10. I'll play too...



  11. And here is mine....

  12. I'm liking Peregrine's knee-down shots on the little ZZR-250. There are some who ask if such is possible, and there's proof right there. The shots of the red VTR around a race-track brings back memories of my old red VTR around PI.

    Those 12 to 1 o'clock wheelies are insane guys (N*A*M and Loz). I crap myself when the front wheel gets more than 20cm off the ground. Good stuff!

    Here's my other favorite PI shot, coming out of Siberia.

  13. Cejay,you got it going on for race riding possy :) .Loz,mono comp-you and me buddy :twisted: and no showing your ass to put me off :butt: N*A*M-I aint even gonna bother giving you a run for your money,thats a bit hairy looking for my liking. :eek:hno: you win!
  14. [img:500:331:6e173d9a47]http://i49.photobucket.com/albums/f274/petieg/EC.jpg[/img:6e173d9a47]

    thats me at EC on my cb250 :LOL: hope you don't mind me just using the free picture with a big lump in the middle of it :?
  15. OK, promise me you won't laugh, but this was at a Yamaha Tribe Day at PI and it was just before I blew the Zeal up :oops:

  16. Way to go girl :)
    Now that I've sold the VTR250 realised I don't have any photos of me actually riding it :(
  17. Here's one of the Pomy boy on the island on his gsxr 600

  18. I have had five bikes, and this is the only photo I have of actually riding one

    May have to do another track day to get another photo :grin:
  19. Go the Pomy Boy.......we like him, another british Nutter.

    PNUT I never get to see action shots of you cos am always so far behind where all the action goes on, Nice shot......got anymore ?

    The last time i got my knee down it was followed by me shoulder (snap) chest and head.......get that up yi...... :p
  20. Following PNUT's fun. You get your own private light show! Go sparkies!