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The National Park rest stop

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Ljiljan, Nov 18, 2009.

  1. Was sitting at bald hill contemplating life when four ferrari's led by an alfa rocked up. Ferrari do drive days, but I dont know if it is through the company or dealer. Either way, its an original idea to keep some cash flow despite lack of sales due to the GFC. They are a common sight throught the park of a weekend, but I was able to get up close an personal with them. The 328 GTS was particularly pretty.


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  2. See them regularly doing the Jamberoo/Robertson/Kangaroo Valley loop.
  3. Hire a Ferrari for a day. About $800 and you get to swap cars during the day. No overtaking allowed and the lead Alfa is driven by the owner of the company and stricly sticks to the speed limit.
  4. If I was going to drive a Ferrari not exceeding 80km/hr I think I'd just take my trusty Hyundai Excel instead and pocket $800...
  5. its $1000

    I'd rather be on the bike and then overtake them, which i did.
  6. Sigh looking at the pictures of stanwell park makes me sigh with envy, cant wait till i get back on a bike man, u prob have heaps of time now holidays n that hey adam, or u summer schooling? we should catchup some time, im planning to get a newish bike winter next year, pending on finaces, it will be either the FJR1300 or the GTR1400, cant wait to ride with u again, been a while bro been a while

    and merry xmas :)

    all the best Phil
  7. I had the privilege of driving a 308 GTS round a race track in Canberra, many years ago, with its owner sitting in he passenger saet and punching me on the upper arm, yelling "FASTER!!!". Driving a Ferrari like that spoils you for any other car :LOL:.
  8. haha cheers mate. im slowly trying to get rid of the hyo - it will happen eventually - so when you see me next i'll prob be on something different