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The Nasho in B&W + Putty Sweepers

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by TheYak, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. Love the Chopin :).
  2. :)

    what set-up are you using?

    have always thought to film a spirited ride through the natio.

    unfort. parts of the road seem to be getting progressively worse. nice bit of bitumen toward bundeena, though :grin:
  3. Does anyone else lean into the corners when they watch an on bike video? I do and my kids think it is so funny.

    Yaks can ride very well. Their horns do not show up in the videos.
  4. Nice videos. Been looking for some videos of those roads.
  5. Glad you liked it! :grin: I need to clean the screen though :LOL:

    True, but some the new surface is great, still not a road for a super fast ride for much of it. It's a tank mount, just a few screws and fits most Hondas. I use a 3 year old MiniDV cam :) Unfortunately I stuffed up the tape, and much of the footage of the 'spirited' ride on the way back up got corrupted..maybe the camera sensed the presence of popo and destroyed the evidence? :p Oh well, next time!
  6. That section from Sutherland to Bundeena turn-off is so very familiar; I used to travel it once a fortnight for about 2 years, and the panic on some drivers when they came around that dropping section onto Audley Weir was always a source of amusement.
  7. What an awesome bit of footage you have made Yak, good work!
  8. Thanks Luke :)

    ...and a few sweepers from Putty Road. Filmed during 'Frangipani Fest' :rofl: though, riding accordingly. Still, it's pretty and that first sweeper is worth writing home about :p

    Clicky here for das sweeperen!

    EDIT: TinyURL used because phpBB doesn't handle parentheses in URLs :?
  9. When I try to watch your vids I just get a green screen. :( I just downloaded the latest version of divx and I still have the same problem.

    Edit: They work in Media Player, cool! Nice vids.
  10. That's a lovely section of the road, and most under-rated. Good filming, mate!

    I remember once I was heading north in the car and came flying off that bridge into the blind right-hander at the top and had a left-rear tyre go flat!!! Interesting couple of seconds, (and I had the wife with me too :shock:)