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The mystery of the Harley at Church Point...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Bigchief, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. ...I was out at Church Point/McCarrs on Sunday and noted a black Harley parked there....where all the boats are....on closer inspection I noted the bike was covered in cobwebs as if it has been standing there for quite some time. Wonder where the owner is.... lost at sea? :shock:

  2. Nah mate. He's still waiting for the first service to be booked in! :LOL:
  3. Probably frequently ridden... it's just not fast enough to blow the cobwebs off ;)
  4. He may have come to his senses ....
    .. and walked away from it :rofl:

    ..waiting to be flamed by a few harley riders here :eek:hno:
  5. As an EX harley rider I find all these replies rather funny [​IMG]
  6. They're genuine Harley Tuffwebs, from the accessory catalogue.
  7. Spray on webs, still there from his "Ghost Rider" movie halloween party. :LOL:
  8. Actually mate thats pretty interesting. A bogan retarded asshole guy I know was telling me about how he found a cruiser there next to the water at night one time, and he thought it might have been running (again, this guy is a retard), he wanted to know where the key switch was as he wanted to steal it / take it for a joy ride (he was drunk and stone and generally its a shame to to mankind that he exists). I wonder if it could be the same one?

    I haven't actually spotted it myself strangely.. I'll have to go a little slower when I go past there next time.. maybe.
  9. If you coming from the McCarrs side, the bike is a bit harder to spot. But from the opposite direction, it is really easy to spot. I saw it this Sunday and last weekend as well. Always stands in the same place...
  10. Its mine, I leave it there so my wife doesn't know I own a Harley.

    Its got a bomb attached by a trigger, go sit on it and let me know how high you fly.

    This post was bought to you by the letters L & O & L
  11. The plot thickens, maybe it haunted! :eek:hno:
  12. Hard to believe it hasn't been stolen yet :roll:
  13. Probably belongs to one of the nuts on scotland island. They're a strange folk..

  14. Who'd want it? Covered in cobwebs and everything...