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The "My new bike thread" - belated

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by chriskerr, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. Well it's been a week of extreme fun and learning... coming from an old rattler bandit 250 to a K4 GSXR-1000 does that!

    I spent a considerable amount of time test riding bikes only to determine that I wanted a sportbike, rather than the sport/tourer that I had previously considered "the right bike for me" After testing a Gixxer 600 and 750, a CBR6 and countless "tourers" I was set on the 750.. Well my bike sold and I hated the feeling of being sans bike, so I made a brave split second descision and bought a bike on ebay with an hour to go.. The price was right, the bike I thought might be a big mistake!

    I was wrong, the 1000 takes a fair amount of self control, but for what it is, a pure sportbike, is amazingly comfortable and stable, handles and stops well and is a dream to ride. I will be keeping this bike for some time , while I explore every avenue it has to offer.

    around 3000kms this week has taught me a few good lessons, along with some assistance from riding buddies.

    and now the pic



    PS : had I been a youngster and bought this bike i could see the temptation too much and a BIG mistake, but add age and experience to the mix and you have a very capabale (and safe) bike in the hands of an inexperienced yet sesnsible rider.

  2. Niiiice lookin bike.
    How much does it weigh?
  3. dry is apparantly 168Kg
  4. The 1000 sounds great with the Yoshi pipe....
  5. it does sound nice, yoshi titaniuam and mid pipe on this one, I do love starting it up every morning (although the neighbours may disagree)
  6. they can always retaliate with their lawn-mowers :LOL:.
  7. 3000 kms on a gsxr 1000 in a week how did it feel?? Little bit sore? Doing 2000kms on mine in november for 4 days.
  8. sorry that should also read 2000 not 3000. And it felt ok, a little sore around the thighs, but i have been doing lots of practice shifting bodyweight around, so i put it down to that rather than the bike itself.


  9. wow!! 2000 in a week. i did that in 2 months!!! congrats. have fun