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the Music in your head, is it safe?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by carver, Jan 22, 2005.

  1. have used an mp3 player for several years whilst snowboarding, and now rarely board without it.
    movement feels much more fluid and powerful with a walkman.

    the Music suppresses background clutter;
    gets rid of external distractions,
    clears my head of internal distractions,
    and gives a heightened state of awareness.
    (the effects could easily be compared to taking drugs)

    it is these effects that concern me,
    happy to snowboard at Mock-10 speeds with a walkman on,
    yet cannot bring myself to do the same on a bike.

    all the while,
    am certain that riding style would benefit from it!

    :?: anyone like to share their thoughts and/or experiences?

    (after writing, searched and found this related thread)
  2. Motorcycling - The Musical

    the lack of music whilst riding causes me to sing to myself.

    i associate the act of singing whilst riding
    to fond memories of knowing when my father was at his happiest,
    as he would spontaneously start singing.
    (conjures up thoughts Oklahoma!)

    if anybody else is similarly afflicted by the singing bug,
    don't feel to bad as I have recently read that rossi speaks and sings to himself whilst riding.
  3. I either sing or talk to myself, pure madness kicks in. I think im better off listening to a walkman and not going insane. :shock:
  4. I find myself singing and tapping my foot on the peg :)
    My shiny new iPod mini should be here any day so at least i'll have an excuse other than questionable sanity for my actions.

    Oh, totally off topic. i've ordered a pair of those iPod in ear headphones
    Has anyone tried them? i'm hoping they help cut out ambient noise such as wind as they fit like ear plugs.
  5. Sort of on topic again, who out there currently has a helmet communication system installed? And is it FM? or CB radio? does it have radio and mobile phone capabilites? Voice activated? Very interested in this, I'd prefer to be able to speak to people i'm riding with.
  6. Speaking with the riding group would be extremely cool, particularly if you had a veteran leading some newbies - a "heads-up, this corner is sandy..." might be helpful.

    I'd be interested in getting my lid wired for sound. Let me know when you learn.
  7. i also snowboard, i've tried listening to music whilst doing it but it doesn't work for me. I think thats because i'm a bit of a nut on a snowboard so i have to think about what i'm doing otherwise i'll kill myself i love doing tree runs, terrain park and boarder cross stuff so i'm always ducking under trees or spotting my landing etc and so that takes all my attention and the music is just a distraction. I think this is the same with riding a bike too. If your riding along a boring hwy or fwy like the hume or south gippsland then i reckon a bit of music would be good, but if you are in a situation where there is traffic or twisty roads and you have to think about the dangers of other cars or your line through the next corner then the music could be a bit of a safety hazard as it would distract you. especially in traffic when your hearing is so important. thats just my 2c worth...
  8. I like the idea of riding to music, but I'm just not entirely convinced that listenening to Skinny Puppy would improve my riding style.
  9. I have an mp3 player I often listen to while on the bike BUT only when on long country trips, and only turn it on once I get out of the city.

    other times I have to be content with singing to myself and bopping along like an idiot with no music.

  10. PS I have found the perfect music to listen to if you dont want to speed is Nick Cave, you just find yourself cruising along oblivious to the cars passing you.
  11. to and from work i use an mp3 player love the music, lane splitting though i find the music a distraction and also on long trips i found the music not good.
    But for everyday type journeys never a problem
  12. I sing heaps when I am riding, you'll often see my head bopping all over the place :p :p :p

    But, I don't think I could ride with a discman or similar, if i need to concentrate then I would want the music off and worry that I might be distracted by tying to turn it off just at the wors time possible :oops:

    Better safe than sorry I'll keep the music in my head :D :LOL: :LOL:
  13. i had music on my bike years ago, and just fitted a cd player great to listern to on the boring ring road
    and freeway runs you still have to have your wits about you though as it cuts out traffic noise around you including sirens !! still no different than wearing ear plugs which i dont nead anymore, and for control of radio its all on my hand grip, & speakers thanks to Qantas are in my stack hat.
    happy days all
  14. Have been riding for more than 10 years with music. However I use helmet speakers not in-ear. So I can hear everything I need to hear.
    It's the same as listening to music in your car.

    I mount the remote for the
    iPod on the side of my helmet so I can change tracks, pause/play and turn the music up or down. I would hate to ride without it.
  15. yeah music on long runs but not on twisties or in the city.

    the best ears buds imho are the 'the plug' by koss www.koss.com under products > protable or http://www.koss.com/koss/kossweb.nsf/02ProductDetailCall?ReadForm&Portable+Stereophones^THEPLUG

    these have the squashy foam around a little plastic bit that you stick in your ear. its like wearing ear plugs with headphones, which means you can save your hearing a bit because you dont have the ambient noise plus your headphones cranked so you can hear them over the noise. if that makes any sense :)

    edit... eat me. so i made a mistake and forgot one little thing, hate to be anal :twisted: ehehe... there thats better read on :D