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The Mozzie Spreads its Wings - the saga continues

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by MiSe, Aug 6, 2016.

  1. #1 MiSe, Aug 6, 2016
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2016

    Seen that I've been posting since my first baby steps here's a new one!

    Thanks to all of your good advices and great support and the great guidance of panda scoot I've actually made it through my first big long ride today.

    I've only practiced during weekends (aside from two week nights which didn't go well as my headlight might as well not be there!) so even though I'm one month away from my red Ps I still feel very noob to it all, but after getting the gist of it, I've been living with itchy feet to get to the weekend and ride around the surrounding suburbs.

    but today in summary:

    1. SOOO MUCH FUN!! ...I mean, you know what I mean...there's no words for it!
    2. I'll need to install a flame thrower at the back of my helmet
    3. Mozzie hit 90 and didn't explode!! :D
    4. Wind and 80kmph on a CB125E means Fly GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
    5. I totally pulled it off! Henry Winkler GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

    This was the final route:


    Way up was awesome, it took us an hour and half, some traffic and lots to try out to see how I'd handle everything especially corners at fast speeds and yes, loosen the throttle before a corner to then pump it half way through (provided there's plenty of visibility ahead) makes the corner so stable.

    Uphill starts and traffic light starts came out so smooth, haven't stalled once!!

    I realised that knowing your bike's ratio gear/clutch/throttle plays a vital role in riding.

    I learned that pointing my finger to the L plate and doing the ok thumb to tailgaters is 90% effective with those pea brained people and 9% ineffective with lost causes (golf/red-green Ps / hiace tribe drivers) and 1% is dedicated to that old fart with his whole family in the car that decided to -death point- closely tailgate me, ignoring my L pointing and thumb up request, he not only did it at a traffic jam on the way back where everyone was going 5kmph and I was leaving a three to five second gap just because you'll eventually get to the car in front whether they're stuck to your ass or not...and at least I won't be sandwiched if another idiot behind him does the same to him and doesn't break....so that didn't stop me from having fun singing in my helmet soon enough he gave up and overtook me to be in front of me whilst this time I was giving him the well known finger up in the air as a car was merging behind him...so I was safe enough he wouldn't road rage at me as car in between was shielding.... it was too hard to keep that finger on my handle bars, I chose a good moment though! you guys are too zen in these situations, I still have a lot to learn!

    I constantly head checked when changing lanes! I didn't do this in my comfy neighborhood till I got out there and felt like a gazelle surrounded by lions and even when I got into my tiger mode, gazelle instinct prevailed!

    I went at a cafe and parked mozzie down a gravel road and wheel got bogged in mud and I couldn't move, I got off and pushed it backwards...noob mistake, park always facing away from curb or walls so when you get out it's not as hard and you don't have a crowd of people watching :snaphappy: it'll ruin your cool rider image! :happy::ROFLMAO:

    Also in heavy traffic I did not filter as I'm an L and managed to stay in first gear slow riding for a long time, that practice was worth gold in experience.

    Pretty much I've experienced everything in one day from high speeds to mountain roads, oil on the road, gravel, dirt, rain, wet road, dark clouds, heavy traffic jams, huge roundabouts, emergency stop (guess who?...hiace suddenly cutting my way without indicating of course!) and all types of corners and to top it up a cocktail of mixed brains and attitudes and heaps of riders along the way, I waived as I find hard to nod!

    But at the end of the day after 2 and half hours of traffic (on the way back), a sore ass and a black face (from pollution) I love riding more than ever!

    and now....I'd love to hear about your first real adventure out!

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  2. go for it dude!
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  3. Excellent!

    Used to live around Oatley (kinda), there used to be some relatively quiet streets around there, probably all changed now though.
  4. well done :) hope its the first of many
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  5. Yes streets are still somewhat quiet, during lunch time it's super quiet! :] I mean lugarno, peakhurst heights, oatley some bits of Mortdale don't even feel like city.
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  6. Had a friend who lived at Lugarno, used to ride around that area all the time on my postie bike back in the day when I lived at Riverwood.
  7. My cousin & her family live in Lloyd Street, it's certainly a quiet area.

    You didn't go the M5? Don't forget the (outrageous) toll!

    Looks like you went through Galston Gorge, haven't been through there since before I
    was even thinking about driving. A mates dad drove us through there in the mighty Chrysler

    Nope, wait a sec, you didn't go the gorge. There's an idea for tomorrows ride!
  8. We did go the M5 the route she posted has a train in it so is false LOL

    M5 then M1 to M2

    Little motors on a big motorway, went better than i expected.

    Northern Road and New Line Rd (I think thats the name) was fun nice long sweepers and some high limits.
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  9. Lugarno is awesome to practice curves, lots of twisty bushy roads, I haven't gone to Riverwood but know the 'town' well.

    ahahah :D the Glaston gorge! sounds like a challenging twisty road in the middle of nowhere! I'll check it out :)

    yes i paid the stupid toll today and I haven't got the toll thingy...but hitting my first 80 kmph stretch (I had only been at 60 before today) I wanted to be in a stretch of road I knew so I was prepared at least to know what merging lane was coming ahead etc. then after the city bit, it was all a discovery and novelty.

    M8 I might know your cousin if not by name by face :D
  10. Nice work, I remember how great it felt the first time I left the relative safety of my familiar neighbourhood steets.

    Keep it up, I'm sure you're aware it keeps getting better.
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  11. Went this morning, a nice ride, you will do fine.

    Consider it your next mission! (y)
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  12. Awesome to see you enjoyed your first real ride.
    Recently I did the old pac hwy up to Gosford, was pretty awesome!
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  13. note to self, must get out and do the OPH again, before summer comes and it's as crowded as Bondi Beach
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  14. Yesterday route was definitely fun, I can't wait to be a good rider! I got over the sore back and went down to Sutherland. I can see I'm confident but I'm too unskilled very long corners are so challenging! Learning to ride has some pretty tough steps, you get through the initial ones then there's another set of skills waiting...
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  15. Good on you MiSeMiSe . It's always a bit of a battle on the 125's and a bit more planning is required, but at the end of the day if you're grinning, you're winning. Keep at it and hope to hear some more soon. :happy:
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  16. Yes, truly thinking to upgrade, I'll be doing heaps of hours riding as spring/summer are nearly there so maybe in a month or so...I'll have to upgrade to something a little more steady and comfortable. I've been looking at LAMS approved bikes and sitting on them I think my next step will be a Vulcan S, out of all it was the bike I felt most comfy on, felt very familiar and right for my height. I'll test ride it after I pass my red Ps (counting the days now 20 to go) if all goes well that'll be my next best thing!
  17. A post like this makes me smile. Good on you, MiSeMiSe
    That's one of the things which makes riding fun. The next lesson is always waiting for us.

    IMO, You should persist with the little bike, until you feel like it's really toooooo easy.

    Then ride the same roads on the next bike. You won't believe how different your experience will be. That's when the real fun begins.
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  18. Good point! I see what you are saying, when it gets easy on one then the other will be a whole new chapter to get used to... I will have make the most of mozzie till I can bear its little engine and crappy seat then! :D thanks for the tip m8
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  19. And today...I dared...I commuted to work from south through M5 via ED to the quay and back all alone! managed to survive in one piece and won't be doing that again for a while!! morning was adrenaline but in the evening after 10 hrs no lunch and forgot to drink water as soon as I got out of the M5 I.... couldn't think straight :) and just near my house after the epic 30kms I had to do my glorious exit by stalling at a traffic light! Ahahah this is too much fun way so much fun!
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  20. On a different bike, it will be a little like starting all over again, but then some of the lessons learnt will kick in and you will learn much faster. So take your time with bike 1.

    And always make sure you are fuelled up before riding.
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