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The movies you want to watch thread...

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by ward_4e, Jun 24, 2007.

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  2. transformers obviously

    fantastic four (out this weekend)

    the new bourne movie.
  3. all the top chick flicks of course.....

    and any road trip movies that were ever made......

    and leader of the pack.....
  4. "I Do: How To Get Married and Stay Single"

  5. Harry Potter
  6. Apparently a new one called "1408" is meant to be very good, comes out later this year.
  7. 1408? ??? i'll have to check the short.
  8. 1) Trans-f*cking-FORMERS Motherf*cker!

    2) Knocked up

    3) Transf*ckingformers again.
  9. The Bourne Ultimatum. better than the last several Bonds IMO...

    And while we're talking about movies n' stuff. Check out Dave's Trailers (http://www.drfoster.f2s.com/). Lots of High-Def movie trailers without all the other guff...
  10. Loz's list is my list too
  11. Taking my son to see Transformers on the 4th of July.
  12. Ratatouille!


    About a rat in Paris who wants to be a chef. Very very cute :) Stunning new heights in digital animation as always -- the scallops make me want to grab my screen and bite a chunk out.

    I'm just so glad that the Disney mega-princess days have died.
  13. 1. Amazing Grace - excellent cast (Albert Finney - the old dude from Erin Brokovich is in it, as is Rufus Sewell :grin: :cool: I'm not 100% sure about Hornblower playing Wilberforce though :? ).

    It's basically a movie about the life of William Wilberforce - 18th century anti slavery activist. Will take the girls to see it - hopefully they don't fall asleep. :)

    2. Transformers - taking the girls to see this one too :) Looks like fun.

    3. Oh crap! How could I forget The Bourne Ultimatum? :woot:
  14. Gotta see the latest Shrek one! :grin:
    Nothing like an intelligent movie to make you forget your worries! :wink:
  15. Don't expect anything new.
    I've got it on DVD, its good, but nothing new.

    Good to watch when pissed on Mojitos !
  16. Bourne Ulimatum????

    1st i've heard of it. Must see though..really liked the first two.

    transformers definately

    and Ratatoullie for some laughs!!

    and what 1408 about anyway.....oh i know, gooogle is my friend :)