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The Movie game...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ward_4e, Sep 27, 2006.

  1. Its simple a little like 20 questions but you get one shot... You list three rememberable slightly obscure moments or phrases from movies you love hate or taped over.... who ever guesses your three correct gets to set the next three movies If your interested:

    Movie 1
    what did frank say? and where did he want you to go?

    Movie 2
    Who is your daddy and what does he do? :LOL: i am so going to hell

    Movie 3
    TK421 why arent you at your post? TK421?

    EDIT!!! sorry mo... you would think after uni and working in an engineers office i could count! :LOL:
  2. is that 2 or 3 movies youve listed... just curious cos it says 1, 2, 1 - ive got the last two.

  3. 1. The Bodyguard
    2. Kindergarten Cop
    3. Star Wars

    all guesses !! :LOL:
  4. Sounds good Mickyb, 3 more?
  5. Movie 1

    Movie 2
    Yep :applause:

    Movie 3
    Yep... :applause:

    Movie1? any other takers?
  6. am i right ???
    The first one is a guess . . . . Frank Farmer is the only Frank character I know in movies ! :grin:

    okay, i'll give it a go !
    I promise it won't be Top Gun, Commando or Fast and the Furious ! :rofl:

    Movie 1
    . . . . cause we aint' gonna let you outta here !
    Whose we ? . . .
    Smith, Wesson and me !

    Movie 2
    Mikey ! If you can hear me !! . . Run Run Run !

    Movie 3
    Bullshit, you aint scared of anything.
    . . . there is something out there and it ain't no man !

    hows that !!
  7. oooops . . . repeat post
  8. movie 1 - dirty harry

    movie 2 - ? maybe home alone :LOL: :LOL:

    movie 3 - predator
  9. Nice one Chef !
    Technically its still Wardy's go !

    You got movie 2 wrong !!

    Guess again everyone. . . . and wardy's Movie 1 !
  10. Movie 1
    what did frank say? and where did he want you to go?

    dirty harry?
  11. I know Micky's second quote but I won't say it until Ward's ones are nailed.
  12. sorry, stuffed it up.
  13. hey there is no stuffing it up mate... I think I picked a little to obscure for the first one... but it is a cult classic... ;)
  14. Is it from The Sound of Music ? :LOL:

    . . . . c'mon, thats a cult classic !!!!
  15. Movie 1
    what did frank say? and where did he want you to go?

    Donnie Darko? :? :)
  16. WINNER!!!! Give that squirrel a teddy bear... and some prozac. Your turn seany!
  17. If you can answer my Movie 2 . . . you can get two goes !! :p
  18. Goonies?
  19. Movie 1(1996)
    "It's very rude to put your high beams on mate. VERY fcukING RUDE!"

    Movie 2(1999)
    "It's alright Andrea. Everthing is alright."

    Movie 3(1997)
    "Have you ever seen a nun call a small child a fcuking **** rag? It wasn't pretty."
  20. Damn thats hard... Ill take some guesses, (BTW are these real?)

    1: Wolf Creek
    2: Poltergeist
    3: Sound of Music... :p :LOL: