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The Mountain Highway - video

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by dodgy, May 1, 2006.

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  3. great road. what bike are you on and what video camera did you use?
  4. I guess i should consider myself luck with the Adelaide Hills 2 min away,,endless miles of roads like that,,, :LOL: ,,,,cool, makes me wanna go ride now,,,,what is your bike,,v-twin somthin?
  5. Mountain hwy up to sassafrass is a sweet bit of road. I guess im pretty lucky being only 5 mins away from it....probably ride it at least once a week. That was a lucky run you had there dude! U didnt get stuck behind a car the whole way up....very rare for that to happen!

  6. Someone ought to do a video of the Gorge, Mad mile and Adelaide-Lobethal road :grin:
  7. Classic SV650S, the camera is a cheap SD card based digital MPEG4 thing, Mustek DV4000. I made a mount that goes between the mirror and fairing.
  8. More realistic if you hit fast forward on the video... :wink:

    Nice video's btw. I've been wondering how hard it'd be to fit a mini-spycam type thing then run leads back to a videocam tucked safely into the boot.
  9. nice vid. I wish I had a camera and a tank mount... Looks like a wicked ride.
  10. ive driven the adelaide hills.. best road ive ever driven.. no idea which way we went.. but it just kept going, plus they had just re-sealed the road.. freakin incredible..

    awesome vids BTW
  11. Been riding up Mountain Hwy a fair bit lately and heading to Sassafras I barely come across cars heading the same way, most are heading from Sassafras (guess I just pick good times to do the run :? ) :grin:

    Awesome stretch of road, now I want to mount my digital video camera on my bike after watching those clips... :cool:
  12. i just did that road this afternoon and didnt have any problems getting stuck behind any cars