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The motorised 2 wheel pecking order

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by TRA, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. So, not quite figured it all out just yet, but starting to get an idea. Pecking order is as self perceived.

    Starting from top to bottom (I have had a couple of glases of reds, so perhaps clarification is required):

    1.Harley Riders
    2. Cruisers.
    3. Sports bikes
    4. Scooters.

    Yup, I have exluded Dirt bikes, cause they are in a world of their own and dont seem to give a fu*k, left right or centre. Not sure where motard sits either.

    This is in no way realted to the geek v nerd topic...

    BTW. I am slowly working my way from bottom to top. I ride scooters, now on a wannabe sports bike (gs500f) and really want to by a harley (dont ask why, but feel free to punch me).
  2. What about "Dual Purpose" Like a GS 1200, GS 650, Varadero or Multistrada? :)
  3. which harley u want? i dream a nightrod special, black with twin orange stripes
  4. Pretty sure street triples are at the top of that list...
  5. They're in their own category too - way above anything else!

  6. TRA........do you mean the bikes or the dudes who ride them? cos if its the dudes then put the harley co&*heads at the bottom
  7. i dont understand the concept of the pecking order, is it what people think is cooler or what? whatever thing it is though, harley davidsons should be at the bottom with metric cruisers then scooters above :)
  8. Bikes I have owned
    Other bikes.
  9. I agree 1000%
  10. LMFAO....you don't need a punching....you need a frontal labotomy!!...
  11. Firstly, a GS500F isn't a wannabe sports-bike. On a scale of 0-10, where 10 is an actual sports bike, and a 0 is as far from being one as it gets, a scooter and a Harley cruiser sit at about 1 on that scale, and a GS500F sits at about a 3.

    Secondly, there's no such thing as a pecking order. If you believe that there is one, it's purely in your own head, and is a product of your own delusions.

    Thirdly, if you want to buy a Harley, do it. Just don't try to tell others that they're superior in any way, and others won't feel the need to punch you. :LOL:
  12. Yup, you pretty much got it, cept its what the rider thinks , ie when you talk to them. From an outsider looking in (I am transitioning from the outside to the inside) its more noticble.

    IE, talking to a harley rider the other day. No other bike is any good. I mention to him I was thinking about buying an AN650 and I thought he was going to punch me out! I nearly caused him to choke to death on his beer.

    BTW. This was not ment to be a serious thread. We all know where we stand!! :blackeye:
  13. not really understanding the concept of a pecking order of bikes....

    perceived pecking order of riders based on the bike they ride....mehh

    if its got 2 wheels and an engine, its worthy of at least 1 ride...

    mind, some of the barges I've ridden over the years.... 1 ride was more than enough...
  14. Perceived or not there is at least a nodding order and sneer factor.
    A Harley rider wont nod to anyone,not even another Harley rider.
    Most riders will nod to each other,but not at scooter riders.
    Scooter riders tend to wave at everyone on two wheels..despite that no one on larger bikes waves back.
  15. +1 to that.

    Too late - from the look of that post it's already happened... :)
  16. ftfy.
  17. Most people on bikes look down on scooters a bit (understandably), a lot of people crack jokes at cruisers (with varying degrees of joviality), everyone with half a brain is wary/respectful/careful/scared/whatever of gangs, cafe riders aren't taken seriously by anyone but themselves, every bike and rider gets made fun of at some point, and the only thing more awesome than a postie bike is a steam bike.

    That sound about right?
  18. Not sure I agree on that one Connor, or maybe I only have quarter of a brain. :-s

    Quite a few times I've filtered up to HD riding gang members and out accelerated away from the lights on my Burgman. They soon roar past but I just catch up and then ride with them - drives them crazy and they then break all sorts of rules - like riding through red lights - just to not be seen in the company of a scooter. :p
  19. Someone needs to put that in the classic lines thread. Good on you mate, you made my day!!!!
  20. They can't fight the love!