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The motorcyclist question

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Wolve, May 6, 2010.

  1. Greetings all,

    here's the scenario;

    You have a one minute meeting with the prevailing government authority who made a promise to fix just one thing you make a case for. You have the chance to make a difference on just a single aspect of what motorcycle and scooter riders have concerns with so what is it going to be?

    This is purely hypothetical of course but given the choice, what is the number one concern for Victorian motorcycle riders right now?

    There are a few options I've listed in the poll so if I've missed one you feel is important please let me know in reply to add it in. Also please pass this on to any and every forum you may be on, we hoping for the widest response.

    Click here
    to access the question poll
  2. "Regulating legal filtering with advanced stop zones at interesections"

    I assume that covers sharing of cycling lanes or at least consideration in their planning and implementation with regards to impact on motorcycles, specifically, the removal of 'partial' lanes which could previously be used by motorcycles and making them 'cyclists only' and also, in cases where lanes are narrowed to accommodate them, removing the room for motorcycles to filter (e.g. St Kilda Rd).
  3. I can see some reasons why you would structure it this way (especially for discussion), but wouldn't you learn more from a a preferential system of voting?

    I'll contribute a vote, although my main personal concern falls somewhere between the given options.
  4. :LOL: who are the 'tards voting for MORE legislation and enforcement!?
  5. I think that means they're concerned about the "possibility of more regulation and enforcement" - at least I hope it does :)
  6. +1 on legalised filtering
  7. Correct. Hard to squeeze so much into a single line so "regulating" means all that it entails to bring it into effect safely and effectively.
  8. The question is 'What are you concerned about?", not "what do you want?"

    Frankly, I'm concerned about the current level of restriction (in particular circumstances). The possibility of more is well beyond 'concern'.
  9. Correct, Survey's like this example (click here) are very unscientific (opinionated only) and can be formed to create an outcome the author intended. Polls also lack credibility (which never seems to stop the HeraldSun from sprouting comment from them profusely) but in this particular case, all the points are relevant to riders as we'd all agree. But taking away the choice of laying a percentile on each issue, the aim is to look at what the single most important issue is. Already it is indicating something different to what I thought it would be!
  10. Yes you get what I meant. I updated this to "government implementing more restrictive legislation and enforcement " as in you are concerned with the government implementing more restrictive legislation and enforcement. This question came from feedback concerning the possibility of government using statistical data to justify more enforcement and more restrictions.
  11. What did you think it would be?
    Most people want to get from a to b in the most convenient short time so legalised filtering would be the most obvious choice. The poll as Titus stated, is too inflexible as I reckon that increasing driver awareness of riders is an important issue as is a compromise between loud and excessive exhaust note.
  12. I was torn between filtering & road condition, road condition won.

    If I'm fined for filtering, it probably won't stop me riding, if I'm lying dead in a ditch or can only do 60klms/h everywhere, that would.
  13. id have some sort of coolness test before getting your licence.

    theres way to many fat nerds, ginos and people who do it for the chicks riding bikes for my liking.
  14. I've always said legalise filtering... and I still say so. ;)
  15. TBH I'm surprised that more people didn't think more rider training was the most important, although I do recognise the importance of the other 2 popular choices.
  16. There was no option for concerns about the loudness of JK's pipes. :LOL:

    Only kidding

    Filtering! Although there were some other important issues there.

    It may be harder to organise but a poll like this would be better if we could rank the items in order of importance.
  17. Mandatory comprehensive professional driver training and testing for all road users. Bi-annual mandatory refresher training and testing. Must include defensive driving, situational awareness and 'road etiquette'.

    Think about it. What would it mean to you as a motorcyclist, to live in a state/country where the awareness, skills/abilities and general 'safety' of the majority of road users was measurably 40% better (for example) than it was three years ago? Imagine said improvement growing larger as time goes by.

    Oh to live in a world where vehicles used their indicators for what they're for - giving plenty of warning to any vehicle the driver cannot see.

    I've heard good things about the German system, perhaps we can base it off that.
  18. give me back my 50 bucks per year that the Victorian government has stolen off me for the past 8yrs, that was supposed to go towards paying for Black Spot maintenance... and don't even start me on speed cameras, 4 fines in 8 months (worst offence 7km over the speed limit) .. a real phugg'n copper wouldn't get off his fat lazy arse to even bother booking ya at that speed.
  19. i would like rego to be looked at again. seems retardedly high for bikes imo.

    voted for filtering though.