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the motorcyclist isn't the bad guy on aca

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by twistngo, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. Yet they still managed to throw in a few seconds of the bikes doing "shenanigans"
  2. There's always time for Bad Evil Kitten Killing Bikers!

    But seriously, what the hell did the cager think he was doing?
  3. Bout 110... :)
  4. They just had to didn't they!
  5. Stupid idiot wanting to show off in front of some MCs. You get them occasionally in the hills here as well. Best thing to do, let them go off on their own and keep enjoying your ride.
  6. Its just stupid ego stuff,I was heading up to the Pie in the Sky with 2 other mates going hard but keeping just below 80 when some nob jockey in an XR8 came through all 3 of us weaving between lanes showing us how fast he was between the corners and how slow we were.One slight over reaction and he would have taken all 3 of us out.Obviously we could have gone faster but why risk getting pinged on the straights between corners.I caught up at Cowan and gave him the death stare with zero reaction,just brain dead drivers.They just don't get how deadly incidents between cars and bikes can be.
  7. I am sick to death of Ian Luff every time i see him I want to punch him - just because he gets under my skin in an irritating pompous self righteous manner
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  8. Yeah, seem to get a few of these, driving their cars way past their limits, just to try to prove they can keep up with a bike. I just hang back, let them go their way, then get back to enjoying myself.
  9. Thats why I crashed - a knob jockey in a S15 who was being a hero
  10. I watched it. Not terrifically impressed. Glad the bike blokes weren't the major target. Not so glad ACA seems to have a regular trawl through YouTube looking for GoPro footage of people from Australia doing stuff they shouldn't - most particularly if they're on bikes. On this occasion the dice fell our way, but don't forget they have an agenda, and they do trawl the tube.

    quoted for truth -
  11. ..... And a somersault.
  12. Yeah... Ta Da!

    Nothing like instant karma...
  13. This is why Motorcycle cameras should be compulsory :p Would stop this stuff happening if people knew they were being filmed ;)
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  14. Yeah, I was just thinking the same thing. Nothing like looking like a total dick on YouTube to make you think twice. Then again, seems a lot of people like looking like a total dick. Can't win.
  15. In terms of what some bikers get up to on public roads, it's kinda tame really.

    We've come off a lot worse.

    I'd like to see someone 'tip off' aca to do a clip on cagers trying to kill bikers with footage in one of the other threads around here... See if they run that story. Though I'm sure they'd turn it around again so that the bikes are the bad guys.
  16. except in this case "shenanigans" is in the title of the video, not just keyword spamming by the newscorp

    this is the full length vid, crash is about 5 mins in
  17. Ironic isn't it. I get that all the time across mt glorious, but its usually boy racers on their gixxers.

    Pot calling the kettle black...
  18. In reality ACA could have shown some quite different grabs from the video if they wanted to tar the bike riders.
  19. who is that ****ing moron calling himself an expert? I want to cut off his nads.