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The motorcycling gods don't like me at the moment

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bragi0, Oct 1, 2006.

  1. I don't know what I've done to deserve all this, but I hope it was worth it :)

    A couple of weekends ago I was supposed to go for my Ps/Opens on a Saturday. Except I came down with the migrane from hell after lunch and had to cancel the test portion. To the point that I rode outside and had to sit down for a couple of hours waiting for it to wear off enough to be safe to ride home. My Ls expired last Sunday (8 days after I was supposed to do the above, thankfully the case as I'd misread my license while migraned out and thought they expired 4 days earlier). After some sweettalking of the RTA I managed to cadge myself a spot on the Sunday test of the the day.

    Then on Thursday night that week my bike broke down. Turns out it was the carbies were so badly adjusted it just wouldn't run. I initially thought either ignition or bloked jets, and tried quick fixes and tests for both on the Thursday night (thanks to the cheery soul who suggested I'd skipped a tooth on the timing). Nada. Limped the bike the Scott's Motorcycles over where I work. They managed to squeeze my bike in for a look on the Friday arvo but couldn't fix it then. So I had to quickly arrange to hire one of the CB250s on the range.

    When I got there (by train :() the wind was gusting mightily. Enough to push you around walking. :shock: I ended up with the same instructor I'd had for my Ls (she's great btw), on the hired bike. Went out and practiced. Going from a ZZR (didn't get to practice beforehand because of my bike) to a CB250 was like chalk and ... well ... a diesel tractor. Duk Duk Duk Duk. Much easier to do the test on, but I just couldn't get properly calibrated in the 10 minutes we had.

    Then the actual test. Thankfully I wasn't first... I would have been a nervous wreck if I was. Standing outside with all the other hopefulls, discussing tips. Everyone was doing great.... then just before my go I get a bleeding nose. Damnit! Hot dry windy days get me every time there. Quick mop up with a paper towel and off I went.

    It was still gusting like nothing on earth... I ride out, get my instructions, go to do the left turn and stop-in-the-box. Just as I get to the left turn a glass bottle fell from the roadway above and smashed near me. Threw me enough that I touched one of the lines (damnit, I'm better than that).

    Had to calm myself down and duk duk duk through the rest of the test saying "headchecks headchecks headchecks headchecks" on a loop. Didn't lose any more points, but damn I was rattled.

    Then the monday, and off to the RTA. Nice argument for 10 minutes with the girl at the counter trying to point out that I'd done my test before my license expired. I'd had to catch a lift into work anyway because my bike was still down for the count.

    Finally got my license. Woot! Then I just had to wait out my bike repair (and shudder to think of the labor bill the entire time... turns out I needn't have worried, the guys at the shop were very efficient and came in below my comfort point anyway). Waiting waiting waiting. Absolutely the most stressful week at work in a long time... and no calming bike ride to/from work to help.

    Finally Friday I got a call from the boys saying she was ready to roll. I went and picked it up.... it's running sweeter than ever. Ride back to work, park, ceremoniously take off the L plate. FINALLY.

    For a bit of a relax I went and stuck it on the notice board as for sale... slightly used, only 5000km in 6 months. Got a few chuckles from the guys at work about that :)

    Then the ride home... blat out onto the ED, just riding nicely. Then I see it.


    Double demerits all weekend. Absolute total ban on blats, even short ones on the freeways.

    Well motorcycling gods... you may have forsaken me this week, had your laughs... but I get the last laugh. The girl wants to go shopping for big bikes with me. She's demanding test rider status. It'll be time for a Monster shop in 6 months or so. I promise I'll be good... just be nice to me then?

    ok, that was long, but I'm drunk and hopped up on caffeine (damn vodka redbulls)... :)
  2. na i like ya just fine :)
  3. you did say god(s)

    i also think you are fine, just tuffening you up a bit :grin:
  4. Great write up bragi0

    Congrats on finally getting the P's, Gods or not, you control your own destiny on the roads

    All the best for the upgrade
  5. yeah, matey, you appreciate things more when they don't just fall in your lap.

    Double demerits?? Macquarie Pass was like a graveyard yesterday!!! :LOL:
  6. Glad you got your licence. However, I have discovered in the 18 years I have owned vehciles(many old and supposedly unreliable, I've not owned anything newer than 1990) and bikes, that reliability and breakdowns are not acts of god. Reliability can be bought or made through preventative maintenence and thorough servicing.
    I've never had a vehicle leave me stranded for more than an hour, and even that's rare!
    So, what I am saying is, budget for maintenence and get it done if you want to enjoy motorbikes!

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. The act-of-god part is simply all that happening in the space of a week. Sod the gods :) I got my license anyway, I've got my bike back, I'm happy now!
  8. Well done, after all that to come through with a licence(and not losing it within 2 seconds during double demerits :evil: ). Not to mention having a pro-motorcycling partner who wants to see really big bikes.