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The Motorcycle Trade

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Dougz, Mar 21, 2012.

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  1. so true....

    this one,
    is excactly what i deal with daily... just less language, no joke.

    "i want a sparkplug for a 250, which type of bike? it doesnt matter they are all the same" - i get that line at least one a week, that or chains

    dont even get me started on the guys coming in wanting parts for their chinese crap.............
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  2. OMG - they created a cartoon on my life. Boy am I glad I'm the customer and not the sales guy though - they seem like right uptight pric&s.
  3. i love those things, so corny.
    that one was a pisser =D>
  4. That was great.
  5. Parts trade one isn't to bad either.
  6. "I need to know what kind of bike you have first"
    "It's a KTM."
    "What kind of KTM?"
    "Um, it's an orange one".

    I'm still laughing, because I know this must happen in real life.
  7. The sports bike rider v harley rider one from a year or two back is hilarious. It would be somewhere on here.
  8. Found it

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  9. Haha all 3 of these videos are hilarious... the harley one is amazing.