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The Motorcycle CLUB Anti-Theft Device

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by MadAzz300, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. I looked through the forum but didnt see any review for the Motorcycle Club (based off the same design as the ones for cars). Has anyone heard of or used these?
    I dont think theres much out there in the way of security for my MadAss, and because it weighs about 110kg (easy to lift) I wont ride to the shops as I don't really want to walk home (it is Mt Druitt after all).

    Cheers, Lee

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  2. the best anti theft device will not stop a determined thief, only the opportunist.
    invest in insurance and don't grow attached is my advice.

    and if you're going to lock one wheel, make it the rear, it's harder to get off (because of the chain)
  3. Plus it's much harder for one person to move a bike around with the rear locked (if the front is locked and the bike is light enough, you can easily lift the front).

    As TheForgotten stated, insurance is really the only thing that will compensate for a determined thief.
  4. You don't ride your bike because you fear it being stolen...

    that's new, do you not carry around expensive items on your person because you may get mugged?

    a good percentage of bike thefts are by opportunist thieves, a disc lock, an alarm, steering lock, chains, its still going to get stolen if they want it that badly.

    insurance is the only preventative, yes it will cost you X amount but you'll get a new bike.

    your car and house are easy to break into as well, if someone wants something they'll get it.
  5. I have full comp insurance, so that's not a worry. I'm just trying to find some sort of a suitable deterant for a very light bike in an increasingly bad area, and was hoping someone would have tried this and had an opinion on it.

    There's been a sh*tload of thefts, breakins, muggings etc in the community as of late, so it's not so much not riding my bike in fear of theft, but trying to fight the inevitable. without having a lick of security is just asking for it. I'll go up the road a ways into the "good" area, but I'd like to go to our shops 2 mins down the road.

    Every car on our street that was parked outside (even some behind gates) has been broken into over the last couple weeks. When the neighbours called the police when thier car was broken into, they mentioned that thier call was about the 50th over 7 days.

    Cheers, Lee
  6. I got an alarm from ebay which is quite loud, and when i go to the shops i park on the footpath right out the front, hopefully it would attract some nice passer by to call the police.

    at the end of the day anything you use to "secure" your bike is only a deterrent for the opportunists.

    as you have said you have a light bike so its not hard to just pick it up and move it..

    my suggestion would be a combination of a few different things, if you buy one of these lock it to your rear wheel.

    sounds like you live in a pretty crappy area, and there is clearly a lot of sketchy people.
  7. Thanks Mikey, yep the neighbourhood has gone down the sh*tter.
    It was very quiet around here for the last year 1/2. There's 2 new families that have recently moved into the housing commission units around the corner with 11 kids between them, ranging from young pups in nappies to teenagers. We watch them going down the street looking in yards, so it's pretty much a given that it's them (and thier mates).

    I'll suss out the lock above and an alarm too. Do you have a brand name of the one you bought?
  8. sorry nah i cant think of it right now, i think i just searched motorbike alarm on ebay, and it was like $30 with 2 remotes, and its like 125DB and has different noises.
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  9. Oxford Screamer disc lock, I got one at Peter Stevens for $29 on sale. AMX had the same for $50.
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  10. Thanks PW. I'll check it out today.
  11. disc lock wont stop some one picking it up and stealing it ,chain your bike to a pole , chain and lock is what i use if i carnt see my bike ...
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  12. Yea, that sounds good TR. Once I get the luggage rack on my bike, I'll be able to carry a good chain and lock with me.

  13. Looking at the pictures, it seems this U lock is still using the tubular key. Apparently this type of lock cylinder can be easily defeated by a ball pen. Get a lock with a flat key.