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The most stunning Newsreader in the World

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by CBRSteve, Oct 28, 2005.

  1. Now THAT is GOOD NEWS :LOL:
  2. You obviously haven't seen the movie "Weatherwoman" or "Weatherwoman Returns" then??

  3. She wasn't stunning, she was stupid!
  4. Bastard, now I gotta clean the drool off my keyboard!
  5. HA. Give mje Sandra Sully any day !!!
  6. Ha! Yourself! Sandra Sully needs a new face and a new brain. Now Chris Bath, that 's a different story. Have you seen her on Dancing With The Stars??? (Not that I watch it...)

    Or... That Nuala Hafner... she's divine...

    I just love watching the news!!!
  7. Ummm yeah .... what he said!!!! :D

    Although I'm pretty impressed with Jaynie Seal ... Ch9's weather gal as well at the moment :D
  8. You bloody claret swilling, Gucci wearing, elitist, pseudo-intellectual fop. Re-runs of the Simpsons not good enough for you?
  9. Now they were a gd show!!! go SBS quality programing for us who can't sleep at nights!
  10. Don't start Simpsons with me Inci. I'll wipe the floor with you. At last count there were 7 episodes that I have not seen. The first 10 seasons I can basically quote start to finish.

    But speaking of Simpsons/Hot News Casters, how much do you love the opening credits to "Eye On Springfield" when Brockman is in the bath with the cartoon ladies of negotiable affection!!!

  11. Aha, a fellow member of the 'must get a life club', welcome aboard.
  12. Mmmm yes .. Sandra Sully ... she has nice legs she ocassionally shows off with short skirts and an ass to die for ...
  13. Hands off boys, Melissa is MINE.

    (Does anyone else get a pleasant tingling in the frontal lobes from her accent? Yes, both frontal lobes...)
  14. what about jacinta something I think she was on ABC? she had the most beautiful... eyes. heh. they were violet. mmmmm
  15. yeah she is f(&%^(@ hot..... :wink:

    what tv channel can i watch her on.... maybe she might change careers and move into movies, i make movies (wonders to self if she would be interested) :wink:
  16. I've met a few in the flesh.

    Sandra Sully is very tall and has big feet. She's nothing special. Her features are a bit over exagerated.

    Chris Bath is pretty, but has no figure. Straight up and down and not in the slim sence.

    Anna Coren was dispapointing plain.

    Melissa Doyle isn't as frumpy as she looks on TV but does have a fat arse.